Friday, November 30, 2007

From Taiwan with Rain

Wednesday, November 28, 2007, I got a package. It is a rain coat from Taiwan, I don't know the brand is. What I know is, this rain coat made a 100% PVC and pretty elastic enough. So this coat must be water proof. Here is a picture of it:

I try to wear this coat, if this is suit for me and how comfort is it.

1. Size
This rain coat is big enough. I think this pants can fit two men as big as I am. I'm 171cm and 73kg.

2. Comfort
I try to sit using this rain coat. The pants are stretching upward about 10cm, but this is normal. When I try on the seat; this coat can hold my body, and I don't sense any slippery on the seat using this coat. This is very useful when on a heavy rain. Because while you're riding and your pants is slippering, it can danger your life.

3. Water Blocking
Let see the front side of the suit.

As we can see, there is a layer in the inside that hold the water if the water crossing the first layer. So total is three layer blocking.

4. Fabric Joint
As you can see on the bottom of the pants, the joint is very special.

Look, the joint is form like a circle. This mean, it double the joint. This is the critical part on the rain coat, because if this spot is not strong enough, it can rip streched by a rider leg.

Last thing is I don't like the neck part.

It don't have any button that seal my neck. So, water can through from the neck.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

4000 Kilometer with Amsoil

Monday, November 26, 2007, I arrive at home at 10.45PM. When I look at the trip indicator, it shown at 10,011km. That mean Amsoil has been pass the 4000km trip. This is the right time to see the oil quality. Amsoil recommend the user to use it doubled from factory default. My scooter factory recommend changing oil interval is every 2000km.

I want to check the oil quality right now, but my body refused it. I'm too tired to do the job.

1. Oil condition
Tuesday, November 27, 2007, I wake up at 5.30AM and go to the garage. I open the dipstick and pour some oil and see the color.

Left is the oil concentration. As you can see the color is dark but not to dark. When I tried to flattened the oil (right picture), I can see there is still gold color. That mean, I can still using this oil farther more.

I now that this is not a good test. Because, used oil has to be check in the lab before I can used it for some more trip.

This is the oil, when I flattened it more

As we can see, this is still good enough.

2. Oil Level

The oil level is still on the maximum. That mean I don't have to added some more.

3. Engine Noise
The engine sound is no change at all, still as low when I first time tried this oil. I'm pretty comfort with the sound. I think this is the lowest engine sound I ever had.

4. Power and Torque
The power is a little bit down, not much. Usually when I stay on the 5600RPM, the speed is about 60kmh. But now I need 5800RPM to get to 60kmh.
The torque is no change at all. I can climb 40 degree hill on tandem with my wife without any difficulties.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Changing The Brake Fluid

Saturday, November 24, 2007, at 2.30 AM, I want to change the brake fluid. Because it already reach 10,000 km and it is time according to the factory default.

This is the tools that I need for this job:

1. Waste container
2. 4mm clear pipe
3. Scissor
4. Wire Brush
5. 12mm socket
6. Medium sized screwdriver
7. 14mm ratchet
9. 8mm ratchet
10. 5mm hex socket

First, remove 5 screw that hold the rear cover handle bar and 1 screw in the front cover. Split the front and the rear plastic cover by slide the clip inside the rear top cover and pull the rear cover (NOT THE FRONT!!!). Now I can see there is 2 screw inside that unite the front cover with the handle bar.

Remove the screw with the screwdriver and the mirror too with 14mm ratchet. Don't forget to remove the mirror driver with 14mm ratchet.

Open the fluid reservoir cap with screwdriver.

On the disc brake caliper, put the 8mm ratchet on the fluid drainage nut and the pipe on top of it. On the end of the pipe, put the waste container and cut the pipe with the proper length with scissor.

Loosen the drainage nut. Pull the handle brake again and again. Make sure that the fluid is empty and tighten the drainage nut.
"Remember, the brake fluid is very abrasive!!! You must clean the fluid as fast as you can if it contacting the paint surfaces."

Lets clean the brake pad. Open the two nut that holding the caliper that stick with the absorber using 12mm socket. Using 5mm hex, remove the bolt that hold the pad. Remove the pad and clean it with wire brush. After that, put the pad and the caliper as it was.

Fill the reservoir with a brand new brake fluid. I prefer DOT-3, because it softer than DOT-4 when I pull the handle brake. Pull the handle brake again and again while make sure that the reservoir is fill with the brake fluid. This process is to make the fluid reaching the caliper and presses the air outside of the reservoir. Do it until you are sure that there is no air inside the hose.
This air is extremely dangerous if there is, because when the caliper work, it produce heat and this heat distributed to the fluid. If this continue occur, then the fluid can boil. Hot air can force the fluid can not push the caliper piston when you pull the handle brake.

After there is no bubble come out inside the reservoir. Change the clear pipe on top of the caliper with the clean one. Pull and hold the handle brake, then loosen and tighten the drain nut with 8mm ratchet as fast as possible. This step will make sure that we thow useless air that trap inside the hose. See the clear pipe, if there is only fluid, then it done.

Put everything together, and I'm ready to roll out.

Electricity Problem

Friday, November 23, 2007, at 9.30 PM I pickup my wife at her office. after running on a low fuel, finally we've got to the gas station. I fill my scooter with some of fuel. After that I turn on my scooter and push the starter button. But there is no reaction, even when I tried to turn on the turn signal. There is no electricity!!!

I should turn it manually with the kick starter right now. After it turn on, I run my scooter a long way home. I can see that the all of the electric circuit system isn't work properly. I should fix it as soon as possible, but I can't fix it right now, because it already late. Hey it 10.30 PM when I arrive at home.

Saturday, November 24, 2007, at 10.00 AM I deliver my wife to her office again with my another scooter. After that I buy a wire about 2 meter length just in case that there is something wrong with the wiring system.

At 2.00 PM I prepare some tools to fix the electricity system. Here it is:

1. Multimeter that has Ohm gauge
2. Medium sized screwdriver
3. 10mm socket with the extension

First thing we should do is, open the baggage. Remove four bolt with the 10mm socket and one big screw with the screwdriver in the baggage.

Remove the baggage from where it position. Look at the bottom of the battery and you will see a bolt that hold the box battery.

Remove it with the screwdriver and slide the box until you can see the two bolt that connecting the battery with the wire.

Remove the two bolt with the screwdriver to make sure that there is no electricity flow in the wire. So we are sure that everything is safe.

Open the red wire fuse box and check with the Ohm meter (multimeter).

Oh no, the ohm meter needle isn't move at all. I check the black wire fuse; the needle is moving. My conclusion is there is something wrong the fuse. But the wire in the fuse isn't break either. I unattached the fuse and try to discover the problem.

When I unattached it, the top metal part of the fuse is popping off. That mean the fuse wire is alright, it just slacks. Haha, I laugh at it. Only a slacked fuse cap!

I tighten the cap and keep it in case of emergency. I put a brand new fuse to the fuse box and try to turn on my scooter. It work!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Installing Rear Backrest

Wednesday, November 7, 2007, I got a package, white box, not too big. I know what is inside of the box is. It kymco original accessories rear back rest for G3. I order it not so long ago.

I want to put the rear backrest for my scooter because my wife always complaining about the comfortness of this scooter. She said that this scooter seat and foot rest make her can not stay in a long period of time, differ from the other one.

At 5 am, I prepare 12mm socket to install this parts. I'm sorry that the image here taken after the parts had installed.

1. Open the baggage and remove 2 bolt that hold the rear bar.

2. Put the brackets on the bar and tighten it with the bolts
3. Put the backrest on top of the brackets and tighten it with the nuts

Job done. I'm pretty satisfied for the result.

From front, it will look like this:

Rear view:

And last from the side view:

Nice isn't it.

Monday, November 05, 2007

How To Adjusting The Valve Clearance

Saturday, November 3, 2007, I wake up at 6 am, I want to adjust the valve clearance. I need to do this because my scooter power is weaken. Lets prepare the tools needed to do this task.

1. Medium sized screwdriver
2. Medium sized flat-blade screwdriver
3. 10mm socket
4. 16mm spark plug socket
5. 9mm ratchet
6. 3mm hex socket
7. 0.10mm feeler gauge blade

Remember this; valve adjustment should be done in a stone cold engine condition and every 5,000 kilometer.

Oh one thing to remember, this tools is for my scooter. May be in other scooter model, the tools are differ. This is the step to adjusting the valve clearance on my scooter:

1. Open the baggage.
2. Remove the four bolt (two in the lower front, and two in the upper back) with 10mm socket in the baggage, and remove the screw inside the front part baggage.
3. Remove the baggage and remove the front plastic part infront of the baggage that has a hanger.
4. Remove the cylinder head inhalation hose on the top.
5. Remove six bolt that hold the valve cap with a 10mm socket.
6. Loosen the tie screw that hold the hose in the lower section of the cap and remove the hose. Don't forget to keep the cap in a safe, dry and clean place.
7. Remove the spark plug cap and remove the spark plug using the 16mm spark plug socket.

On the left side of the cam, you will see a gear that has 3 holes (1 in the middle is bigger than others).

8. Turn the kick starter until the middle hole of the gear position are horizontally between two rocker arms. This mean we put the condition on TDC (Top Dead Center).

First we adjust the in valve then the ex valve.

9. Put the 9mm ratchet on the rocker arm nut, and the 3mm hex socket on the valve trigger. Turn the ratchet counter clockwise to loosen the nut while holding the hex.
10. Put 0.10mm feeler gauge between the trigger and the valve stems. Turn the hex until the trigger pull the feeler. Don't turn the hex too much, just make sure that the gauge didn't move by the pressure of the trigger.
11. Tighten again the nut with the ratchet while holding the hex. And make sure the trigger didn't turn while we tighten it.
12. Remove the gauge.

Do exactly as the in valve to the ex valve.

After finished, put everything together as it was with a backward procedure as we open it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

2000 Kilometer with Amsoil

Thursday, October 18, 2007, my scooter has reach it first 2000 kilometer with Amsoil.

Lets check the whole system:
1. Spark plug
Last time I clean the spark plug about 3500 kilometer ago, so the spark plug should be very dirty right now. My last motorcycle, every 2000 km I should clean it up, because in that period there is some deposit on the top of the electrode and it thick enough.
First, remove the four bolt and one screw that hold the bagage, and remove the bagage. Second, remove the front side plastic panel. Third, remove the spark plug cap. Fourth, using 16mm spark plug tool to remove the spark plug.
After the spark plug has been removed, I check it. Wow, this is amazing, my spark plug is very clean. I don't have to clean it up, I just setup the electrode gap again about 0.6mm and set everything up.

2. Oil level
I open the dip stick and check the oil level. I can see that the weight loss was very little and I can accept that as a tolerance.

3. Oil condition
I deeply see the oil color. The oil color isn't dark, but gold with a little bit of dark. I touch the oil and feel it in my finger, is it slick enough. Yup, it is still slick enough. I don't know what happen to this oil, is it my engine is clean enough so that the oil hasn't changed it color? Or something else that I do not know?

4. Torque and Power
If the oil had degradate, than the torque and power will get down too. But I sense there is no power loss at all, but opposite of it; the power and torque is increased.

5. Engine noise
The engine noise is very low indeed, just like when I changed the oil with it. Even this brand new engine will not campared to my engine noise. My wife said that she can not hear the engine sound when I run about 60kmh on a empty traffic on night.

Remember, I didn't change my scooter setting, I only change the oil.

With this oil, I can longer the drain interval and the spark plug life too. And the most amazing is, I can save some gas, about 2-4 kilometer each liter.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Third Day With Amsoil

Friday, September 28, 2007, I open the garage and move out my scooter. Then I turn on my scooter and leave it alone. But my scooter ack strange than two days ago. The idle RPM is increasing easily, it seems like the auto choke work better than before. I didn't hold the throttle to make the RPM increasing.

Yesterday I didn't notice about this, but last thing I remember is, this kinda strange also happen yesterday. As you know, I already complain to the dealer about the choke that didn't work correctly. But the dealer said it just fine, nothing wrong with the choke. With this oil, it fix the auto choke problem. I do not know how did they do. Maybe because the oil film that protect the engine better than before, so that make the friction point very low. Because of the friction is very low, the piston can move easily too. So this make the whole system work more lightly.

I run my scooter until 60kmh, the engine vibration is very low. Even when I run until 80kmh. I must go further to test it, but a heavy traffic is headed near by. So I must slow down and forget to test the top end power.

Last thing is, the engine deseleration is not like before. Now the RPM fall more slow. This mean the engine power will not drop as fast as a free fall when I close the throttle. But the side effect of this is I need to brake more accurate and a better braking system. May be I should change my braking fluid with a better one and check the whole braking system.

I'm getting more curious about this oil. What kind of another strange thing that this oil would do to my scooter engine.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Testing Amsoil MCF 10W-40

Friday, September 7, 2007, I buy an AMSOIL MCF 10W-40 right after an office hour. It rained outside, so I would have some problem getting this oil from the dealer.

After I get this oil, I contact my friend that I had one for him. He said, he will wait for awhile until his scooter get the right trip to change the oil. OK, no problem, me too.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007, I open the garage and move my scooter to the open area. I drain the oil and fill the brand new amsoil to it. But it still in the morning at 04.00 AM, my eyes and my mind still not work correctly, and it happen. I pour the oil to much about 850mL. It should be 800mL, because the engine could hold upto 900mL.

I think I will stay with 850mL, because I would test it for 6000 kilometer first, and see the result. What will happen to this oil. For my concern, amsoil recommend oil drain interval for this oil is twice from the factory default, which is 4000 km. But I said to my selves, hey this is synthetic motor oil, it should be more than that. Amsoil recommend that interval for a harley davidson 1000cc motorcycle, while mine is 125cc scooter.

After packing some stuff, I'm readdy to get to the office. I turn on the engine and wait until the engine ready. It's test time!

I open the throttle as usual, I don't sense any different from this oil compared to the last one. May be this oil is not working yet, or may be because I fill it to much. But something different about my engine. It sound very quiet now, Even when I open the throttle in a rush, still, the sound so smooth. I like.

After a couple of kilometer, another strange happen to the engine. The idle RPM is increased about 150 RPM from before. I do not change any setting on my scooter, I only change the oil. This is kinda interesting for me, how come an oil can increase my engine RPM. My conclusion is the oil is more superior in lubricating the metal, so the friction point is decreasing. That make my engine work more light than before.

Lets try on a stop and go condition. I run my scooter lightly to test the acceleration. Suddenly the RPM is increased rapidly, differ than before. Right now, I'm a stranger on my own scooter, I don't know what happen to this engine. Only an oil can make my engine turn to this? The RPM increased rapidly, but very smooth. I never get such a experience like this. I watch the RPM meter, and I can't stand it watching the neddle movement. I'm so excited.

The last one that make me currious until now, is the clutch. My scooter clutch is a dry type. With the last one, my scooter isn't run smoothly. There is some vibration just before the scooter is moving. But now, the vibration on the clutch almost gone. What happen? I don't know the answer, my assumption is, it related to the RPM that increased rapidly, so that make the torsion increased too. Torsion increased make my clutch spin faster, and the clutch open correctly on the right RPM.

Thats all today test. I should wait a little longer to test this oil endurance. Amsoil claim that the NOACK is 6.44%, this number indicate the weight loss. The number is very low, so my assumption is the oil loss is very minimum, and I don't have to check the oil level twice a month. Or may be I should? Oh, I don't wanna take the risk, I will check it based on my regular schedule and measure the weight loss every 2000 km.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Testing Shell Advance 10W-40

Wednesday, August 29, 2007, I buy a brand new oil, that is Shell Advance VSX 10W-40. I am so curious about this oil, because it is cheaper a bit than the oil that I used before.

At 8.20 pm, I drain the oil and fill it with the new one.

Thursday, August 30, 2007, I test it on the way to the office. I turn on the engine and wait until it ready.

I run my scooter with my beloved wife. I dislike it power and torque, because it is not like before. The power has drop, I don't know the exact number, but I can feel it. While I'm riding my scooter, I can feel that the engine too hard to operate, may be if I remove some milliliter of the oil it will help out.

At 4.00 pm, I go to the parking line and see the oil gauge. Hem, I think I should do it right away to decrease the oil level. But I don't brought any tools right now, what should I do? Don't tell me that I should go home and do it on the garage. But I don't have any choice didn't I?

At 8.40 pm, in the garage, I decrease some amount of the oil. I don't like this way, because it riskying the engine life.

Friday, August 31, 2007, I test it again. This time the engine power is not like before, it increase. But still, I don't like it, I expect more than this. Should I decrease it again?

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Readjusting The Air Mixture

Monday, August 6, 2007, I open the baggage just to adjust the idle screw. But I wonder what if I adjust the air screw again.

First, I turn the idle screw to clockwise until the RPM high enough. Now I turn the air screw clockwise until reaching the end, and turn it counter-clockwise until it get the highest RPM.

Second, I adjust the idle scew until 1700 RPM on idle.

Jobs Done. The test is running my scooter to the office. I know this is not a good idea, but I don't have any choice.

After my wife sit properly on the seat, I run the scooter to the road. The path is usual as yesterday. When I open the throttle, I feel something different with the scooter, the power is amazing. I think this is the best set of carburetor air mixture, I don't know why. May be this morning I can feel and hear the engine sound clearly enough, or may be my mind too.

From now on, riding become so much fun.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Testing Shell 10W-40

Wednesday, August 1, 2007, I go to the workshop for servicing my scooter. I want to test this Shell Helix Plus. I pick Shell 10W-40 API SL.

I want to test it compare to the older one. So I don't want any changes on my scooter setting. Even on the valve clearance or anything. I want the test as accurate as possible.

After finished, I'm leaving the workshop to test the result. Here it is the result:

- Sound
I run my scooter below 40kmh for a couple of hundred meter just to make sure that the oil has circulated inside the engine. Now, lets hear the engine sound. The traffic condition is very suited for this test, yes it is very light traffic. So I can hear my engine sound very well. My engine sound is very quiet. I love it very much.

If this sound keep like this until the time I change it, then I will use it again.

- Vibration
While I'm testing the sound, I also test the vibration. I run my scooter in low, medium and high RPM until 9000. In any RPM, my scooter vibration is better than before. This time my scooter is a lot more smoother.

- Power
I run my scooter as usual. The power has increased very little, you can not feel it if you aren't feel it deeply. I can get to 60kmh without a notice. I think this is correlation with the vibration that has decreased. I can get through the heavy traffic lightly without any trouble.

- Top Speed
I haven't test it yet, may be next time. I can only reach 80kmh, I can not go faster because of the traffic.

Overal, this oil is good, better than before. The smell is good too. May be I should test it again before I change it, whether the sound, vibration and any other test items are decresed and how much does it decresed?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dream Machine

It's been 5 years since I buy my last desktop computer. It is time to buy another one with the latest technology inside. But something that bother me is, my computer is still as fast as brand new computer, even if I compare it with the computer that I used in my office.

My desktop computer specification:
- Abit NF7-S Socket A
- AMD Athlon 2400+ (1.8Ghz)
- NVidia GForce2 MX-400 256MB
- DDRAM 512MB PC-2700
- HardDisc Maxtor 40GB ATA-133

My office desktop computer specification:
- Wearness PC
- Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core 3.0GHz
- Graphic adapter onboard
- HardDisc Seagate 80GB ATA-100

As you can see, compared to this two different specification, my desktop still win. Why I can say that, if I only had an old machine.

My analysis is:
1. Graphic adapter. Mine is faster, because it separated from the motherboard, so it will not suffer the whole system.
2. Memory (DDRAM). Mine is doubled, so it will hold data larger.
3. HardDisc. Mine is using faster I/O interface, so it will reduce bottle neck in data communication.

If I check the system when on full load, Intel dual core produce more heat than AMD Athlon. Mine is 55 degree and Intel is 67 degree. So when it reach 70 degree Celcius, it will try to slow down the whole system. This is bad! Intel easyly reach 70 degree Celcius, while AMD maximum only 58 degree. And also the cooling system. The fan only rotate about 2100 RPM in Intel, compared to mine is about 4100 RPM. How can that they slowing down the fan speed when the system produce more heat tolerance than other? I put my computer in my room that temperature about 32 degree Celcius without air conditioning, while my office had an air conditioning. If my office PC is put in my room, I don't know what will happen to it; may be the heat will damaging the processor.

The conclution is, even the processor are using the fastest one without support from the other peripheral, it useless!

Back to the topic, I want to buy a brand new PC right now. Why? Last time I said my old 5 year PC is faster than the brand new PC; the answer is, I can not play a brand new game with it, even my office PC.

So, here it is my dream machine specification:
- AMD Athlon™ 64 FX (Dual-Core)
- Radeon® X1650 Pro 512MB PCI Express®
- Memory 2GB minimum
- HardDisc 250GB minimum

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Air Intake

Something that make me so curious, is the air intake. If I can make some huge different in the air intake, I will produce higher power than before.

In physics, it use A1.V1 = A2.V2

Air flow from the air intake is A1.V1 and flow go through the carburetor is A2.V2

If I maximize the air flow from the air intake, then at the end of the carburetor, it will produce such a higher volume of gas mixture. This concept was adopt by the turbo charger. I'm planning to try this concept.

The problem now, there is no turbo charger for two wheels.

So I turn back to the basic concept. I try to higher the A1, and that mean fastering the air flow. I do not want to bigger the V1 (volume), because that will make me to replace the air intake with the bigger one. No way I would replace it, because there is no replacement kit for it.

How do I do this? That is still mistery in my mind. I am still research it. Hopefully I can speed up the research time, but it will cost alot of money.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Awakening

After a long hibernating, finally he awake. Awake with a full a power that so frightening, a life form from a shadow. Burn like a fire from the hell. A fire body with aflame blue eyes, it so frightening. This knee become a supple when I meet his face to face, can't keep my eyes of him.

How can I beat him with such a great power? I can not even move my body apart. My courage is falling down like a waterfall. Is this his true power? A power that can make others can not move it own body because of his greatest power!

I need more strength! I need to be fly like a phoenix!

But I can not...

I'm here right now, hopeless, crying at my own body. Sitting just a couple of meter in front of him.

He laughing at me, this time he win against me. What should I do? No one can help me out! Right now, I'm on my own. I must beat him, I must!

I build my own strength, facing my own fear. I get up and challenge him. We start to fight. But my strength isn't enough yet to offset him. I keep loosing fight against him, but I won't give up so easily this time.

Wooaaaa......, I keep raising my strength until crossing my own limit. My body is so hot, feels like I'm burning my own body. With my full energy, I fight him, and attack him with all of my strength. I release my last energy in a single attack, hope I can win this match. If not, then I do not know what todo next.

It seems it work, I beat him! I absorb his energy and we become one. Now, he is under my control.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rehealing My Scooter

Saturday, June 16, 2007, I want to tune my scooter torque power. The reason is, after what happen to my scooter a few weeks ago, my scooter torque power has been down grade. And that make more stress on me if I'm facing the heavy traffic. My scooter become so slow when I want to accelerate.

The valve is correct, air mixture is correct. What is the problem then?

I think the carburetor throttle valve spring that too hard. The result is the throttle valve always to late to respond, because it can not push the spring higher.

It is time to work!!!

Open the baggage with the key, and open the carburetor maintenance cover inside the baggage using screwdriver. Remove two screw on top of the carburetor that hold the vacuum parts. Remove the metal parts. Now I can see the spring. I take out the spring and measure it. Now I must press it and lowering the spring tension.


Plug the spring and replace all of the parts that I had been removed it before.

Now the test begin.

Turn on the scooter and wait until the auto choke stop to operate. I open the throttle and hear the engine roar. Yes this is what I want.

Engine OK, now time to moving on the front brake. My scooter had a problem on the front brake that always making a noise like a rat. I hate that. Remove the two bolt that hold the brake and remove the L-bolt that hold the brake shoe. I check again and again the piston mechanism, nothing wrong with it. I pull the front brake handle lever, and it OK too. It take so much time to figure it out what's wrong with thw brake. The brake suspension like mechanism is OK. But when I look closely to the bar suspension, I can see that the suspension and the brake pad has adhere. I test it whether this is the problem or not. Yes, I found it, this is the problem. I take out the abrasive steel to cut out a couple of micrometer. After the process is done, I put everything together and see my scooter front brake mechanism. Yes it work.

I open garage and run my scooter on the street. Yeah, everything work perfectly. I feel very comfort with my scooter condition right now.

Sunday, June 17, 2007, I check the horn sound. I sense it not alright with the sound, I must fix it. Open the seven screw that hold the shield, and remove the shield from it location. I see that there is a cable that stick together with the horn, and that makes the horn can not vibrating correctly. So I move the cable to the proper place, so it will not disturbing the horn again. I test it and it sound great.

I plug the shield and put all of the screw to it place. My scooter is in the best condition now, except the air filter that need to be cleaned. I don't have any compressor, so I can not clean it by my selves. May be next time I will bring the filter to the workshop just to clean it out.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Setup The Valve

Sunday, June 10, 2007, I go to my friend. I want him to check my scooter valve, I though something wrong with it. I promise to him at 5 pm I will arrive to the meet point.

I said hello to him. He is so warm, he accept me as his old friend. He heard all of my scooter problem, and he promise that he will check it later after he pack some stuff.

7 pm, he check the valve and tune it to the proper set. He said that the out valve too tight, and the in valve is correct. But he want to make sure. So he check it again and again, almost 4 times. Yeah this is what I like from him, he is so thorough. He set my carburetor again just to make sure.

Finished. He ask me to test it whether I like it or not.

Wear a jacket and helmet, I turn on my scooter, and run it. I run it a little bit hard.

First test is the acceleration and then mid power, and the last is top speed.

There is a lack of power on the acceleration, I don't like it. But the mid power was great. I though the roller combination must be set again from the beginning. I can not get the top speed on this road, because the path is reaching it end, only 80kmh. But I think the top power isn't good. So I get back to my friend to tell the result.

He said that I must replace the intake manifold to the original. Because he think that there is a leak on the air intake, and that make the air mixture become too much. But I said that I have check the intake and I don't sense any leak. He check the intake thoroughly. and he found out there is a leak. I look into it and check it together with him. There is a voice of wind came out from the carburetor.

We found it! The leakage was on the auto choke.

I said that the auto choke was expensive, so I wouldn't replace it with the new one. I must figure it how to make that leak disappear. I think some sealant would be the right answer of this.

Finished will all of this, I say thank you and goodbye to him. And I run my scooter to home.

Monday, June 11, 2007, I wake up at 5 am and prepare some tools. Remove the baggage and look deep into the auto choke. Open the two screw and remove the auto choke from it place. I see a plate that hold the auto choke, I flatten the plate and plug the auto choke to the proper place. Tighten the scew and test the result. I shake the auto choke if it shaky or not. Yes, I don't sense any movement from the auto choke while I shake it.

Turn on the engine and test if it work or not. I tried to hear any voice came out from the carburetor. Nothing! So the problem solved. Yeah, I'm so happy about this.

Packup the tools and get ready to go to the office.

At 6.15 am, I ride my scooter to the office with a normal riding style. Still, there is a lack of power on the acceleration. But this is better than yesterday. Mid power was great, I can feel it until top power. I can get 80kmh easily, but I can not get the top speed because of the traffic condition. Well, I'm pretty satisfied for my scooter condition now. Next time, I must set the roller combination again to get a better acceleration.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Green Is Back In Business

Friday, June 1, 2007, I think I know the problem. The problem was on the carburetor, the float setting was incorrect after I change the rear shock absorber. The engine angle is increasing after I change the absorber, it about 15-20 degree. So the fuel distribution from the tank is shutdown before fuel on the float bowl rearch it lower limit. That make the fuel can not get through the jet into the air stream. Thats the reason why is my scooter is always having a trouble lately.

I setup my tools to solve the problem.

First, open the baggage and remove it. Next open the bolt on the intake and air intake, and remove the carburetor. Remove the three bolts that hold the float bowl, becareful, do not waste the fuel in it. Now I try to remove float from the seat before adjusting. The float is made from a plastic, but the adjuster is made from a metal, so it can be adjusted.

Remove the metal from the float by cutting on the pilar that stick on the metal. Adjust the metal about 20 degree outer and plug it into the float and stick it with a powerfull glue. Now put everything together to the proper places.

Everything is set, now is just the final test. If this is gonna work or not?

I turn the key on and start the engine. I tried to turn my scooter on about 5 times, but it wont startup. I think the float bowl hasn't fill with the fuel. So I open the throttle a little bit wide and keep it on a few second. I try to turn it again, and it work with a problem. The engine RPM is not constant, I thought that the bowl still hasn't got a proper fuel. So I wait a little longer.

After the engine RPM is constant, adjust the air screw mixture and idle to about 1700 RPM. Now my scooter are ready.

I open the garage and test it.

The scooter work fine with only one rider, now the test continue with tandem. This time, the scooter is fine. The power just like before, a little bit low power than before actually. But I think that because of the valve that set incorrectly by the mechanic.

I test it until Monday and it work fine. So the trouble is solved!

Now I'm ready to move on to the next tune.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Green is Having a Trouble

Monday, May 21, 2007, my scooter front light won't turn on, I tried short and long distant light, but it won't turn on. But when I press the passes swith button, the bulb suddenly on. I release the button, and the bulb turn off. So I should press the button continuously until I get home? Give me a break!

The sun is not friendly enough, because now is 6.00pm. I should pick up my wife, before its late. Phewf, I don't have any choise didn't I?

I turn my scooter on, and run along the street to pick up my wife. I keep pressing the pass button until we get home. My finger become numb by time we arrive at home.

After get some rest, I open my tool box and fixing my scooter. I think the switch had a problem, so I dismantle the handle bar front cover. I check the switching system. It seem alright, now I check the electricity. I open the shield from cover. Using AVOMeter, I test the cabling system. Yup, this good either. I check the bulb filament, the bulb filament is good either. Now, I'm confused with this situation.

It turn on when I press the passing button, but no sign if button short or long distant is pressed.

But the one, that make me more confused is the long distant light sign on the dashboard keep turn on in every situation. So, my conclution is, there is something wrong with the ground cabling. I check again the cabling system including the rectifier. But hopeless, I can not find whats wrong this. Now the time shown at 9.00pm, I can not continued my search. Hopeless indeed. My last conclution is I must change the bulb with the brand new one.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007, I buy a brand new bulb and replace it. I turn on my scooter and test it. If this is not the answer then I must check the electricity system again. I turn on the light switch system, and see the result. IT WORK! Damn, after a long night search, it only the bulb.

AFter an office hour, I turn on my scooter and run along the parking lane. But when I get out from the parking lane, my scooter suddenly shut off. Oh no, another problem. I tried to press the starter button again and again, but it is not help. I contact my wife to wait, because the scooter having a problem. I try to contact my mechanic friend but I'm running on low battery power. Why this is happen when I needed. I look forward to the power jack for charging my phone battery. After have enough power, I contact my friend. He agree to come, but he said, now he didn't brought any tools. So I must wait for him to get his tools. I tell to him where is my location now.

Very long time to wait, but my office friend accompanying me. Such a gret friend I have.

Now, he arrived. I said sorry to disturb him, and he said, "It's alright, he get used to it". I told to him about my scooter problem. Nervous about my scooter problem, what was it? He check the carburetor and clean it. and he check the spark plug cable. The spark was big enough. He plus the carburetor and turn on my scooter. Tada. My scooter is on, final check he tune my carburetor. Finished with that, we run along together until we separate on the 3 way street. I said thank you and take the right path to pick up my wife.

Thursday, May 24, 2007, I turn on my scooter in the morning before I go to the office. I headed to the road and run my scooter along the street. But after a couple of meter, my scooter suddenly switch off. What happen? I tried to turn it on again and again, but it won't start up. What should I do then? Lets wait for some time.

OK, its time to turn it again. And it can. I open the throttle carefully this time, I don't want it switch off again. I can go to the office without any problem. If the CDI is broken, then symptom is I can turn on my scooter for a couple of few meter and it turn off, and it happen again and again. That happen because the CDI is heated. But this is different, my scooter can run a long way to the office. May be the spark plug, because my friend told me that nothing wrong with the electricity. In the noon, I go to buy a new spark plug and replace the old one. The old one aged was about 30,000km, I never replace it since I buy this scooter.

Lets test it on this 3 days, if nothing wrong with it, then the solution must be the spark plug.

Sunday, May 27, 2007, I'm having the same problem with the last Thursday. Oh no, its not the right time, because I had to go to the church. I park my scooter again to the garage. This time, I don't want to try again. I will wait until the afternoon. Mean while I go get a rest to cooling down my mind. I will take the afternoon worship.

At 2.00pm, I dismantle my scooter body parts. I check the electricity. It alright, I tried to swap the CDI with the brand new one. The problem is still the same, so my CDI is still in a good shape. I check the spark cable, it good. OK, I unplug the carburetor and check it. I close the intake manifold with my hand and try to turn on my scooter. It start but only a second. I think the fuel is flooding the engine to much. So, I setup my carburetor with the factory standard.

Finished, I plug the carburetor again and turn on my scooter. Yeah, my scooter is on. Last one is setup the stationer. Done.

5.30pm, I go to the church without having any problem.

Monday, May 28, 2007, my scooter start in a very short time, and dead again. I check the carburetor again, and set the stationer a little bit high, and it start. I run my scooter to the office with a very high RPM on the stationer. At the traffic light, I must push the brake if I don't want it to run. After arrived at my wife office, I tried to lowering the stationer a little. And I run my scooter to the office, without any problem.

5:15pm, I turn my scooter to go home. This time my scooter is not having any problem, except this little to high stationer. I run my scooter to my wife office and lowering again the stationer at her office. I'm doing this in step by step, because I don't want my scooter dead again. And then we go home.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007, I'm lowering the stationer based on my feeling. I set to the right set for my riding style. Done. Then I run my scooter to the office without a problem. Hopefully, it keep runing on this way.

Monday, May 14, 2007

New Shock Absorber

Friday, May 11, 2007, I received a rear shock absorber from my friend. He gave it for me, because he didn't like it. He said it is like riding on a rock. This shock absorber is a stock version for Kymco Free Series type LX.

I look forward to it size. Hem, it diameter bigger 10mm than mine (EX). I measure the gap between my rear tire and the spring, it 3mm. Ups, with this such a close gap, I can not put the absorber into it. I must figure it how to plug it without some modification. Some of my friend added a ring to the axis. It is very risky, my life depend on it.

Oh I know, I got the idea, lets measure my front tire size. I am using 90/90-10 on the front and 100/90-10 on the rear. Front tire wide is 93mm and the rear is 101mm.

If I swap the tire, the gap will be bigger than before:
103mm - 97mm = 6mm

The new gap was: 6mm + 3mm = 9mm

Now I can plug the shock absorber into my scooter. Shock diameter difference is 10mm (5mm to the right and 5mm to the left), so with the new absorber the gap between my tire would be: 9mm - 5mm = 4mm.

OK, its time for the implementation. I said to the mechanic to do as I said.
1. Swap the tire
2. Unplug my stock absorber
3. Plug LX shock absorber


After finishing some paper. I turn on my scooter engine and start to ride. First impression is, my scooter is higher than before. I think its too higher. This LX shock absorber has 2cm lengthen than my scooter stock. The handling become a little hard. Because it differ now, the center of gravity of my scooter has move forward to the front. So I must change my riding style to handle my own scooter.

Lets test it on the real road condition.

I run my scooter to my home at Tangerang City. The path I choose has many type of road condition. It has a smooth and bumpy. Something strange I feel when I ride my scooter, I feel that I'm floating. I never feel such a thing like this when I ride my scooter.

Test on a smooth asphalt was great, the traction is bigger than the stock. When I cross the railway track, I test the rebound. The result is a little hard than my stock. But this absorber haven't reach it limit, so it can move to absorb the vibration. Not like my stock that has been reach it limit. My stock is more softer, but when I pass the railway track, it feel very hard, because the absorber axis has reach it limit and it hit the border.

Sunday, May 13, 2007, I test with my wife, how is the rebound if we ride on tandem. We run along the street and find a perfect place to test this shock absorber. The path only 10m length, but it very bumpy alright. I past it just as usual when I past this path. The rebound is very good when on tandem, not too soft, and not too hard. I like it very much.

I think I'm gonna love this shock absorber.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tune up Green EX

Saturday, April 14, 2007, I woke up in the morning and get prepare to go to Otista. I had an appointment with my friend that we want tune up our scooter at Pulogadung Trade Center (PTC). After arrived at Otista, I contact Mocky, because he wasn't there. He pickup his phone and said that he's on the road, gave him a 15-20 minutes. Let see, what should I do at that time, oh there is a man sitting at the front of the workshop, ok I'll talk to him and open a conversation.

This man is great, a lot of information that I can get from him. After a while, Mocky contact me, he said that I must wait a little longer, 'cause Godot isn't arrive yet. The conversation become more exciting with this man. He talk about his life and experiences.

After Mocky and Godot arrived, I prepare my self to ride with them. We headed to PTC. When we under the bridge (I don't know the road name), I saw other motorcycle are on the left side. Ups, I think we pick the wrong path. Previously there are 3 branch of road. Left, middle that headed to the highway, and the right. We pick the right one, because the left one look so hesitate, only a small road. At the end of the road, some policeman has waited us for raid. Mocky said that we are journalist, hahaha. And other policeman come to us issuing the traffic ticket. I'm prepared for my driving licence, but the police chief come to us and said that we can go. We said thank you. At the road we laugh about this. Hahaha.

We arrived at the PTC about 10am, and I saw there is only a few of man in there. Oh yeah, Wagni is there already and his scooter is in the line waiting for his turn. We apply for the service and giving our key to them. After that we talk to our friend there, and seek some spot to talk comfortly. We met friends from cikarang, and discussion became more warm. So much information that we can share with them.

Oh there is a new product that launch there. Yes, there is Free LX 14" alloy wheels. I tried to test ride and feel the different from this scooter. Hem, first impression when I look at it was this scooter look very peculiar. I think the tire become look so small, just like a muscle man with a small leg. OK, lets taste it.

This scooter power is same just like the 12" wheels. But there is some big different with the handling. This scooter steering is not good as the 12". The comfortness differ either, this one less comfort. I can't image how the rider should ride this scooter for a long period of time. Back problem will appear. Where does the comfortness that you offer from your brand, are you forgot?

Now my concern is turn to my scooter that been handled by the factory man wearing a white suit. I told to him to change my roller set from the one I brought. It's combination 7.5g and 10g, each 3 pieces. The air filter was changed either with the new one, because it need to replaced. Finished with the work, it's time to tune the carburetor with the emission test. Done!

I turn my scooter engine on, and feel it. Yeah, this time it acceleration will be boost. At 3pm, Mocky, Godot and I are leaving from PTC. I test my scooter on different traffic condition. First one was heavy traffic. Ups, the acceleration is not like before, it boost alright. Riding in a heavy traffic become more fun this time. I don't need more skill to pass it again.

At the Cempaka Putih we separate, I continue my journey to the west jakarta, while mocky and godot headed to south jakarta. Lets find a wide open road to test the acceleration from 0-60kmh. From Cempaka Putih until Gambir station I can not test it, but from Gambir until Monas I open the throttle wide and constantly to test the acceleration. This is good acceleration, but I think there is a lack of power on it. I think I need a bigger acceleration, but if choose the acceleration, I will sacrifice the top speed. Right now I do not wish to touch the engine for tuning, my concern is transmission parts first.

This is not the optimum condition for the transmission based on my need. There are some parts that I would like to try, but I should wait before it arrive.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Test Ride Another EX

Wednesday, April 11, 2007, Me, Arif and Wagni met at the front of Bidakara Building. Our plan is test ride between our ride performance and made some comparison between it.

After all of the team is complete, we switch our ride. I am using Arif scooter, Arif using Wagni scooter, and the last one is Wagni using mine Green EX.

From left to right: Arif, mine, and Wagni scooter

Take a look closer from the left

From the right side

Now we set the path for the test. I think Gatot Subroto is the best path for the test, because it consist of 4 traffic lane. The path is: Bidakara - Semanggi - TVRI - Semanggi - Bidakara.

I lead the group to the road. My first impression about Arif scooter was, the acceleration good enough. When I see a wide open road, I open the throttle widely to the proper torque. I tried to open a little bit rush this time, the power I think is enough. I can reach about 95kmh, and I think this scooter can go further. But wait, when I look at the mirror, where is everybody? Ups, they left behind. What happen? Are they did not open the throttle widely or what? At the bridge that turn to right, I'm very enjoy the ride, because I can open the throttle differ than anyone else on that road. While the other hit the brake, I keep the throttle open and not hit the brake until the scooter really closed to others.

Now the traffic quite heavy. It's time for acceleration test. Arif scooter can get out from the heavy traffic easily, but I'm having problem with the handle grip. I think its to big, he added some rubber to the grip that make it larger than the original. And the brake is a little loose either the front and the rear.

At the mulia tower, I stop the scooter waiting for Arif and Wagni. Arif ask us if we want to switch our ride, but I told them not. Because this road is suited for the test. After I run about 200m, I saw the road is in medium traffic, I can not run it as good as before.

Arif scooter character is, low and mid power good enough, but the top end need a little extra effort to get to the top speed.

And the second test is, I'm using Wagni scooter.

The path is changing right now. It's Bidakara - Otista - Bidakara. Now I told to Arif to go first. Wagni scooter is great, the acceleration is great. It respond based on the throttle very impressive. The power exist until the last speed. First test I can go 102kmh, and the second when we turn back to bidakara, I can go to 104kmh. But there is a problem with this scooter, it can not brake properly. My assumption is this scooter handle brake had been cut down a couple of inch, and that make the rider can not pull the handle with full power. This time I leave those two guy left behind like the first test. Whats wrong with them?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Wagni scooter character is, low until top end is impressive.

After we finish the test, we talk so much things about our ride. Wagni ask me about his scooter and what should he do to the scooter.

I told him, your scooter is alright. The problem is your selves. If you could fix your riding style, you can catch up your brother. And it depend on the rider guts and technique. But he told me that this is his first bike and he learn to ride a bike with this scooter. I smile at him.

For Arif, I told him to change his riding style too, about how to treat my Green EX. Don't be hesitate to open the throttle.

My last conclusion is, riding style can make a huge different effect for the ride.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jogja Touring - Bandung 1st Destination

Friday, March 16, 2007, Me and my wife packing some stuff before we go out for touring to Yogyakarta. We choose Friday 07.00pm, because it's the most suitable time for us. First, we don't have to take leave permission and we can get more rest time.

Before that, I'm discuss with my friend, especially with Mocky. We discuss about several time for starting time. Our first destination is Bandung, after that we go to Jogja. After a long discussion, we pick a different time. He pick Friday morning, while I pick Friday night.

After office hour has ended, I go to my wife office to pick her and meet my other friend at some point. After I arrived at the meet point, Pram was there already. After a while, I saw Rangga and Bayu arrived. We discuss so much thing. But on the outside it is getting rain, I'm so worried about this. Because it will disturb our trip to Bandung. When I look at the outside, Cucu has arrived. Now it's complete. After praying for our trip to Bandung, we get hurry to our 2nd meet point to meet other friends. And catch our schedule time if we don't want get late on the road.

At the 2nd meet point, we only found Bene in there! Where is Lukman? 1 hour wasted just waiting him.

Now, we are ready for our first journey.

Lukman leads, and the others follow him. Our route is thru Jonggol. It hard trip indeed, because we pass it on the night. While the road condition is not good enough, lot of hole everywhere. And the road are wet either.

One thing is very riskying is the braking light of SR and LX are very bright, and that my eyes can not see the road clearly if they push the brake handle. Suddenly the is a big hole in front of me. Oh no... I'm gonna crash this time, because I can not avoid if this close. Fortunatelly, I can hold my scooter. If not, noth of us will fall down into the hole. I saw my wife almost fall down, but she hold on very tight to me, so she won't fall if I'm not. Thank God.

Second thing that very dangerous is, don't make a slalom move while you are on the touring group. You will make rider on your back confused.

After taking a deep breath, we continue our trip.

When we almost reach Bandung, suddenly our friends rear tire get trouble. Someone contact Dutamatic to get help bring some spare tire. Very long long wait, just to finished changing the tire. It takes about 3 hour to finished it.

Now, we must get hurry to Bandung get rest as much as we can. So, we open the throttle as fast as we can. I look at the speedometer, it reach 95kmh! Amazing! Riding a 100cc scooter in tandem, can reached that speed. Wow, it's a damn crazy. I look at the throttle, I think I can get faster than this, but my wife pull out my jacket. I know this sign, she want me to slow down. Oh ok, I will, I will be steady on this speed.

Finally we arrive on Bandung. But wait something wrong with our group, Bene is missing. Where is he? We open our eyes and look for him. We ride slowly, just because we don't want to loose him. It's not funny if he is missing on Bandung. On the branch of road (I don't know the name), we stop and wait, maybe he is on our back. Waiting with nervous for him. Suddenly Dutamatic friends that help bring and changing spare tire arrive with Bene. We are so glad that he is not missing. We split our group. Me, my wife and Bene follow Lukman into his house for taking a rest before we continue our trip to Jogja.

We have only about 1 hour left to rest. We must use it wisely. Me and my wife taking a rest on the sofa, while Bene rest on the carpet with a pillow. This is not a good sleep I think, but the time forced us to get prepare for other trip.

At 05.00am, we prepare our selves to the Dutamatic. Now this is the real journey begin. Wait and see, what will happen on our next trip.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Complaining The Tire

Wednesday, March 7, 2007, I want to complain about my rear tire by phone, because it puffy. So I seek the tire producer on the internet. I found it; but there is something weird about this. The official website tell me that they only produce tire for bicycle!

So who is the one that produce my scooter tire?

Forget it, as long as I can complain this tire and get the new one. I call the number that exist on the header site. I call it once, and it busy. I call it twice, and it keep busy. And the third one, it worked. Some woman pick up and answer my phone. I tell her about what I want. And she said that if I want to complain about tire, this is not the place. I have to call to floor 10th. She gave me the number to call it by my selves. What is this! Is she can not forward or transfer my call to the complaining area that locate on the floor 10?

That made me so angry, why the customer service is not good. Is it because there are a lot of complaining about their product or what? Lot of my friend said that the tire that I used is not good, it often puffy for this brand. They told me to switch to another brand.

I think I should change it, but I don't wanna loose for this one. I tried the number that she gave to me. Someone pickup and I said hello, I want to complain about your tire product. But without any word, she forward me to another one. Is this some kind of joke?

After waiting for a while, there is a man voice. He ask me, "what can I help for you?". Oh this one is kind and pretty good in customer service. I tell him about the tire quality and what happen to the tire that i bought a few month ago. He ask me where do leave, and he told me to go to the main supplier that near to my home and complain to them. This is great, because I don't have to ride to bring the tire just to complain.

I call it to the main supplier, and I said I want to complain about my scooter tire. The one that on the end of the phone forward it to the warehouse section. Mr Rachmat answer all of my complaining, including the procedure that I must take. He told me that I must complain it to the store that I bought. Ok, I said, I will complain it to the store. But what if they can not help? He said that he will help me.

I closed the phone and call the store. After a long debate, I give up. The store is not accept any complaination for the tire. So I call back to Mr. Rachmat to tell him about it. He said that he will help me. But he is not promise that this will succeed, but he will try.

Saturday, March 10, 2007, we plan some points in our todo check list. One is bring my rear tire to Mr Rachmat. After I meet him, he test the tire and sign the puffy spot. He made some document and gave it to me and he said that he will contact me if the replacement for my tire arrive. And he tell me that if I want to buy a new tire again, he can help me too.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dangerous Ride In The Rain

Wednesday, March 7, 2007, I ride my scooter with my beloved wife to the office. This morning it rained. So we wear our two pieces rain coat gear (jacket and pants) and seal all of our stuff with a plastic, so it will not get wet or dirty.

I rode 40kmh 'til 60kmh, because this is the best speed for lowest fuel consumption, and I think this is the best speed for great handling when the road very slippery.

When we got on a medium traffic, I look at my mirror. I saw a man and a woman riding with a motorcycle and wearing a ponco rain coat both of them. I ride steady at the average speed of 40kmh, because I can not get faster beacause of the traffic. But this motorcycle suddenly on my side and very close indeed. And he is faster than me, I think he is to fast for this traffic condition.

In a few second, his ponco suddenly hook on my right handle bar and he is keep faster. Oh no.....

Me and wife crashed down with my scooter. Fortunately, I'm not riding faster so the wound is not very bad, just some bruised in my knee. Someone help us out of the traffic, we are so glad about that. Thank you for your help sir, I'm very appreciated that. I saw the one who made me down is running away. I'm in deep sad. I look at my wife, how is she. She said that its alright, just some bruised on both of her knee. I look at my scooter condition, there are some scratch on the plastic.

After we are ready to continue our trip to the office, we said thank you again to the man that help us out. And we continue our ride to the office.


Monday, February 26, 2007


Friday, February 23, 2007, I go to the workshop to pickup my scooter. Cause my friend said that its done. I wokeup in the morning in a rush, just to get to the workshop earlier. And I receive a sms from my friend that he can go to the workshop too just to get some test ride of my scooter. I said its a perfect timing to test ride before I switch some CVT parts.

After taking a shower and packup some parts, jacket and helmet, I go get into the road, stop a taxi. I am so nervous how was my scooter going look a like after it finished.

After arrived at the workshop, I go to the section where was my scooter been fixing. But something wrong happen. It could be my eyes or what? My scooter isn't finish yet! Whats wrong?

My friend said that he clean all of my scooter section, including the tank. Wow, I am so proud of him. He is so dedicated to his job. I never ask him to do that job, but he do it; checking all of my scooter condition. After the cleanup process is done, he plug and screw all of my scooter parts into the proper place.

The final check is checking all of the panel. He found out that the speedometer lamp is dead. He plug a brand new lamp for the speedometer and its done. Now he turn on my scooter again. But wait, something wrong with it. My scooter sometimes suddenly dead. He check all of my scooter electricity.

And then my friend is come.

We discuss about so many things around the scooter. He asking me so many thing, and I answer it based on my knowledge. I'm so happy to meet such a friend like that, his curiosity made my blood run faster. I like a man like that.

While we are on discuss, I look at my mechanic friend. It look like he confused about the problem. His assumption that my CDI socket is broken. I borrow my friend CDI to test it on my scooter. If the test is good, then the CDI must be broken. If the test fail, then another part is broken (don't know which is). And the test result is good. Oh no, I must buy a new CDI. Its expensive!

But I must buy it if I want my scooter run again. So ask him to buy it, and buy a new original torque spring (default 1000RPM). After he arrive, he plug it and test it. But the problem is just the same. Oh no, I waste my money for nothing.

He search all of the cabling system and the electricity. Now he get another conclusion, there is one cable that plug onto the CDI that broken. It take so much time to search only which cable that broke down.

But my friend can not wait that long, he already had a appointment with his client. I said I'm sorry to him, that I can not fulfill my promise to him. But he said, it's alright, may be next time.

After it solved, he turn on my scooter again. Now it run with no problem. He adjust my carburetor for the final check, plug NCY variator, 10g roller set and torque spring.

Can't wait 'til I test it. Finished with the administration, I say thank you so much to my friend.

I leave the workshop to another place. I have to catch the tight schedule. I open the throttle smoothly, but the power is less than before. This must be because the torque spring. Ok, next is low climbing. I turn the throttle a little bit wide. Hem, I can feel the acceleration even when on the climb area. I know that this is not a good place to test. Lets find a wide open area to test the acceleration from 0 to 60kmh. After I got the perfect place to test, I open the throttle in a hard way. The result is slower than before. But when 60 to 80, it become faster than before. When the speed reaching 80kmh, I can still open the throttle again, and power still exist. I think I can go more than this, but the track isn't enough for the test. To much other vehicle, and it dangering my self as a tester.

Saturday, February 24, 2007, I go ride with my wife. With this new parts, riding become more fun than before. Because I can control the power easier than before, not like riding on a mad buffalo. Riding in tandem is so much, I don't feel losing any power on the CVT, even when I tried to climb on the bridge, the power is still exist when I open the throttle again and again. When I look on the panel, it 60kmh. Amazing. And it still has more power in it. My experience crossing the bridge with tandem is can not exceed 40kmh and it losing the torque.

I think I can enjoy it for a while. (Until the next new toy).

The new Green Free Ex is just reborn with the new power. Does anyone want to test it?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Delayed Again!

Monday, February 19, 2007, I would like to go to my office. But when I look at my cell phone, there is a sms from my friend. He said that some of my parts had been delayed again.


On Friday Authorized Service Station said that my parts is delayed until Monday. But now they said it again with the same word: "DELAYED!". I hate those word, it make me numb.

Poor my friend, he had to re-return to the Authorized Service Station just to check my parts. How much does it cost he has to spend just to do this job. Such a wasting time and money. Do they don't think about this?

Now they promise to my friend that it will arrive on Thursday, February 22. Lets wait, if it not arrive again, then I must change my scooter with other that fit with my criteria.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Finally I Can Reach The Workshop

Saturday, February 10, 2007, I tried to brought my scooter to the workshop again. I hope this time will be successful. If not, then I am very in deep sorrow. Two weeks of nothing.

I contact Father in law, borrow his office box car. After the car arrive, I look for the key. But when I look and see it, something weird had happen to the key. IT BENT !!!

I tried to aligned it, but the key became broken into a two pieces. Woaaa, what should I do? Another a hard job. First is, pull out the scooter out of the garage without moving the steer. And second is lifting the scooter into the car.

Phew, finally finished. Now lets get move on to the workshop. The road that we pick is fine, only some spot that is a little damaged. But it's alright for me, as long as I can reach the workshop.

After arrived to the workshop, I greet my friend as a mechanic in there. I told him about my scooter condition, and he is so welcome as usual. He write all of my scooter problem and he will check it later, he said. After signing some paper, I go back to home.

At 01.30 pm he contact me, he said that the parts will arrive on Friday. Ok fine, no problem with that. As long as my scooter is fixed. Thank you so much my friend, you're the best.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can Not Access The Workshop

Wednesday, January 31, 2007, I wanted to bring my scooter to the workshop for fixing the broken parts.

My plan is like this:
- I contact my father in law to borrow his office box car
- I contact my mechanic about my visitation

I must bring it on the Saturday, because my scooter take so long sitting on the garage. Now this is the right time. Yup, this is the most perfect time after my new book of journey is done.

But something horrible happen on the Friday, rain isn't stopping from Thursday until Friday, and that make the road become like a river. I only see water everywhere. How can I bring my scooter to the workshop for repair? What Should I do?

Right now, I can only wait and see for the flood withdraw. I contact my father in law again to cancel the car and changing my plan into another one. Yup, there is always plan B in my life.

I miss riding with my scooter again, but the street didn't support for a safety riding. I choose to stay with a bus for awhile, and I can not sleep tight until I can ride with my scooter again.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New book of journey

January 28th, 2007 is one of my biggest day. It is the new book of journey.

I closed the old book that full with memory. Memory that still inside my head. There are a lot of wonderful memory, I hope I don't forget it, what a pain if I forget it.

The Holy Matrimony was very great. I know that we don't prepare it very well for the church. Grandma is coming on church,  I know that her health is not very good, but she tried to come to see her best grandson got married.  Tears in my eyes and I cried on her knee. Thank you Father in Heaven for bring her on the Matrimony.

I am very enjoyfull on that day, I can met all of my best friend. They are coming from all over the places. I had a great time with them. But there is something that make me so sad, some of my best friend don't have a picture with us on the ceremony.

But overall, the celebration of love is run smoothly. I thank to Father in Heaven again for this. He is so wonderful, He heard and answer our prayer in the perfect time. Thank you Father.

For Soyuzno, thank you for the invitation design. I keep it one for you.
For Uma Yusuf, thank you for your support.

Friday, January 12, 2007

2007 Resolution

2007 is just begin. But there is so much memory in the past that I can not forget:
- Added new friend and of course best friend, that year I'm so excited that they are so good and nice to me. I can not mention it, because there are so many. Thank you all of you my Kymco friend.
- So much things to learned from what I've done in the job and from my friends.
- So much scooter experimental that takes my money a lot, but I'm so satisfied that it aim to the right path.
- Forcing my body until its limit that causing disaster.
- New Job.
- House for my future.

This Year of 2007, there are so many that I would like to reach

- New book of journey:

This year will be the first year in my whole life, that the book of journey will be written not only by me, but there will two ink scratch in the book. Can't wait 'til the day come.

- New Scooter Tecno GT 150

This year we want a bigger scooter to cruising the town. We had satisfied with this Green Free EX. But we think that we would like to buy another one that bigger than this. It seem that Techno GT 150 would meet our criteria, but with note that this scooter will launch in Indonesia.

- Building my house

I've buy a new house for my future plan. This year, this house must be reform into the new look. I have made the scratch in my mind about the design (interior and exterior), hope it would look great. I just draw it in the paper and give it to the contractor.

- March 17-18th, Yogyakarta Touring

In March, there will be Yogyakarta Touring. This time it will be very big, Yogyakarta will be full with Kymco. I don't know the agenda detail, but I can imagine that it will be great and so much fun. I must prepare Green as soon as possible so it would be ready when the day has come.

- Activating Jakarta-Yogyakarta Mediavisi

After discussing with my friend, we agree that Mediavisi will be active again after a long dormant. I contact my friend from Jakarta and Yogyakarta about their comment and they are so welcome about this.

I think this is the best resolution at 2007.