Monday, July 02, 2007

The Awakening

After a long hibernating, finally he awake. Awake with a full a power that so frightening, a life form from a shadow. Burn like a fire from the hell. A fire body with aflame blue eyes, it so frightening. This knee become a supple when I meet his face to face, can't keep my eyes of him.

How can I beat him with such a great power? I can not even move my body apart. My courage is falling down like a waterfall. Is this his true power? A power that can make others can not move it own body because of his greatest power!

I need more strength! I need to be fly like a phoenix!

But I can not...

I'm here right now, hopeless, crying at my own body. Sitting just a couple of meter in front of him.

He laughing at me, this time he win against me. What should I do? No one can help me out! Right now, I'm on my own. I must beat him, I must!

I build my own strength, facing my own fear. I get up and challenge him. We start to fight. But my strength isn't enough yet to offset him. I keep loosing fight against him, but I won't give up so easily this time.

Wooaaaa......, I keep raising my strength until crossing my own limit. My body is so hot, feels like I'm burning my own body. With my full energy, I fight him, and attack him with all of my strength. I release my last energy in a single attack, hope I can win this match. If not, then I do not know what todo next.

It seems it work, I beat him! I absorb his energy and we become one. Now, he is under my control.