Monday, November 26, 2007

Electricity Problem

Friday, November 23, 2007, at 9.30 PM I pickup my wife at her office. after running on a low fuel, finally we've got to the gas station. I fill my scooter with some of fuel. After that I turn on my scooter and push the starter button. But there is no reaction, even when I tried to turn on the turn signal. There is no electricity!!!

I should turn it manually with the kick starter right now. After it turn on, I run my scooter a long way home. I can see that the all of the electric circuit system isn't work properly. I should fix it as soon as possible, but I can't fix it right now, because it already late. Hey it 10.30 PM when I arrive at home.

Saturday, November 24, 2007, at 10.00 AM I deliver my wife to her office again with my another scooter. After that I buy a wire about 2 meter length just in case that there is something wrong with the wiring system.

At 2.00 PM I prepare some tools to fix the electricity system. Here it is:

1. Multimeter that has Ohm gauge
2. Medium sized screwdriver
3. 10mm socket with the extension

First thing we should do is, open the baggage. Remove four bolt with the 10mm socket and one big screw with the screwdriver in the baggage.

Remove the baggage from where it position. Look at the bottom of the battery and you will see a bolt that hold the box battery.

Remove it with the screwdriver and slide the box until you can see the two bolt that connecting the battery with the wire.

Remove the two bolt with the screwdriver to make sure that there is no electricity flow in the wire. So we are sure that everything is safe.

Open the red wire fuse box and check with the Ohm meter (multimeter).

Oh no, the ohm meter needle isn't move at all. I check the black wire fuse; the needle is moving. My conclusion is there is something wrong the fuse. But the wire in the fuse isn't break either. I unattached the fuse and try to discover the problem.

When I unattached it, the top metal part of the fuse is popping off. That mean the fuse wire is alright, it just slacks. Haha, I laugh at it. Only a slacked fuse cap!

I tighten the cap and keep it in case of emergency. I put a brand new fuse to the fuse box and try to turn on my scooter. It work!