Monday, February 26, 2007


Friday, February 23, 2007, I go to the workshop to pickup my scooter. Cause my friend said that its done. I wokeup in the morning in a rush, just to get to the workshop earlier. And I receive a sms from my friend that he can go to the workshop too just to get some test ride of my scooter. I said its a perfect timing to test ride before I switch some CVT parts.

After taking a shower and packup some parts, jacket and helmet, I go get into the road, stop a taxi. I am so nervous how was my scooter going look a like after it finished.

After arrived at the workshop, I go to the section where was my scooter been fixing. But something wrong happen. It could be my eyes or what? My scooter isn't finish yet! Whats wrong?

My friend said that he clean all of my scooter section, including the tank. Wow, I am so proud of him. He is so dedicated to his job. I never ask him to do that job, but he do it; checking all of my scooter condition. After the cleanup process is done, he plug and screw all of my scooter parts into the proper place.

The final check is checking all of the panel. He found out that the speedometer lamp is dead. He plug a brand new lamp for the speedometer and its done. Now he turn on my scooter again. But wait, something wrong with it. My scooter sometimes suddenly dead. He check all of my scooter electricity.

And then my friend is come.

We discuss about so many things around the scooter. He asking me so many thing, and I answer it based on my knowledge. I'm so happy to meet such a friend like that, his curiosity made my blood run faster. I like a man like that.

While we are on discuss, I look at my mechanic friend. It look like he confused about the problem. His assumption that my CDI socket is broken. I borrow my friend CDI to test it on my scooter. If the test is good, then the CDI must be broken. If the test fail, then another part is broken (don't know which is). And the test result is good. Oh no, I must buy a new CDI. Its expensive!

But I must buy it if I want my scooter run again. So ask him to buy it, and buy a new original torque spring (default 1000RPM). After he arrive, he plug it and test it. But the problem is just the same. Oh no, I waste my money for nothing.

He search all of the cabling system and the electricity. Now he get another conclusion, there is one cable that plug onto the CDI that broken. It take so much time to search only which cable that broke down.

But my friend can not wait that long, he already had a appointment with his client. I said I'm sorry to him, that I can not fulfill my promise to him. But he said, it's alright, may be next time.

After it solved, he turn on my scooter again. Now it run with no problem. He adjust my carburetor for the final check, plug NCY variator, 10g roller set and torque spring.

Can't wait 'til I test it. Finished with the administration, I say thank you so much to my friend.

I leave the workshop to another place. I have to catch the tight schedule. I open the throttle smoothly, but the power is less than before. This must be because the torque spring. Ok, next is low climbing. I turn the throttle a little bit wide. Hem, I can feel the acceleration even when on the climb area. I know that this is not a good place to test. Lets find a wide open area to test the acceleration from 0 to 60kmh. After I got the perfect place to test, I open the throttle in a hard way. The result is slower than before. But when 60 to 80, it become faster than before. When the speed reaching 80kmh, I can still open the throttle again, and power still exist. I think I can go more than this, but the track isn't enough for the test. To much other vehicle, and it dangering my self as a tester.

Saturday, February 24, 2007, I go ride with my wife. With this new parts, riding become more fun than before. Because I can control the power easier than before, not like riding on a mad buffalo. Riding in tandem is so much, I don't feel losing any power on the CVT, even when I tried to climb on the bridge, the power is still exist when I open the throttle again and again. When I look on the panel, it 60kmh. Amazing. And it still has more power in it. My experience crossing the bridge with tandem is can not exceed 40kmh and it losing the torque.

I think I can enjoy it for a while. (Until the next new toy).

The new Green Free Ex is just reborn with the new power. Does anyone want to test it?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Delayed Again!

Monday, February 19, 2007, I would like to go to my office. But when I look at my cell phone, there is a sms from my friend. He said that some of my parts had been delayed again.


On Friday Authorized Service Station said that my parts is delayed until Monday. But now they said it again with the same word: "DELAYED!". I hate those word, it make me numb.

Poor my friend, he had to re-return to the Authorized Service Station just to check my parts. How much does it cost he has to spend just to do this job. Such a wasting time and money. Do they don't think about this?

Now they promise to my friend that it will arrive on Thursday, February 22. Lets wait, if it not arrive again, then I must change my scooter with other that fit with my criteria.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Finally I Can Reach The Workshop

Saturday, February 10, 2007, I tried to brought my scooter to the workshop again. I hope this time will be successful. If not, then I am very in deep sorrow. Two weeks of nothing.

I contact Father in law, borrow his office box car. After the car arrive, I look for the key. But when I look and see it, something weird had happen to the key. IT BENT !!!

I tried to aligned it, but the key became broken into a two pieces. Woaaa, what should I do? Another a hard job. First is, pull out the scooter out of the garage without moving the steer. And second is lifting the scooter into the car.

Phew, finally finished. Now lets get move on to the workshop. The road that we pick is fine, only some spot that is a little damaged. But it's alright for me, as long as I can reach the workshop.

After arrived to the workshop, I greet my friend as a mechanic in there. I told him about my scooter condition, and he is so welcome as usual. He write all of my scooter problem and he will check it later, he said. After signing some paper, I go back to home.

At 01.30 pm he contact me, he said that the parts will arrive on Friday. Ok fine, no problem with that. As long as my scooter is fixed. Thank you so much my friend, you're the best.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can Not Access The Workshop

Wednesday, January 31, 2007, I wanted to bring my scooter to the workshop for fixing the broken parts.

My plan is like this:
- I contact my father in law to borrow his office box car
- I contact my mechanic about my visitation

I must bring it on the Saturday, because my scooter take so long sitting on the garage. Now this is the right time. Yup, this is the most perfect time after my new book of journey is done.

But something horrible happen on the Friday, rain isn't stopping from Thursday until Friday, and that make the road become like a river. I only see water everywhere. How can I bring my scooter to the workshop for repair? What Should I do?

Right now, I can only wait and see for the flood withdraw. I contact my father in law again to cancel the car and changing my plan into another one. Yup, there is always plan B in my life.

I miss riding with my scooter again, but the street didn't support for a safety riding. I choose to stay with a bus for awhile, and I can not sleep tight until I can ride with my scooter again.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New book of journey

January 28th, 2007 is one of my biggest day. It is the new book of journey.

I closed the old book that full with memory. Memory that still inside my head. There are a lot of wonderful memory, I hope I don't forget it, what a pain if I forget it.

The Holy Matrimony was very great. I know that we don't prepare it very well for the church. Grandma is coming on church,  I know that her health is not very good, but she tried to come to see her best grandson got married.  Tears in my eyes and I cried on her knee. Thank you Father in Heaven for bring her on the Matrimony.

I am very enjoyfull on that day, I can met all of my best friend. They are coming from all over the places. I had a great time with them. But there is something that make me so sad, some of my best friend don't have a picture with us on the ceremony.

But overall, the celebration of love is run smoothly. I thank to Father in Heaven again for this. He is so wonderful, He heard and answer our prayer in the perfect time. Thank you Father.

For Soyuzno, thank you for the invitation design. I keep it one for you.
For Uma Yusuf, thank you for your support.