Monday, October 30, 2006

Heavy Duty Oil

Saturday, October 21th, 2006, I change my scooter engine oil with heavy duty oil (diesel oil). Last time I used motorcycle oil SAE 15W-50 API SG, now I used heavy duty oil SAE 15W-40 API CI-4.

My first impression about this oil is, my scooter noise become more silently. Don't know why is this could be happen? Can't wait 'til next test, and I prepare some point to test about this oil performance.

First is the vibration. I test my scooter to run about 20-40kmh, because this is the best speed range for testing a vibration. Hemm..., my scooter become very very low vibration, better than before. Even I know, that my scooter is low vibration, but with this oil, the vibration is lower than before. Amazing!

Second test is acceleration. I stop my scooter and try to run from 0 to 20kmh. Wow, the acceleration is better than before, it seem's that this oil work better than a motorcycle oil. I open throttle widely again and see what will happen with the power, I can feel the power has become extremely higher than before. No loosen power from low to top end. Feel that I would go faster and more faster with my scooter, I don't wanna stop riding my scooter.

Thursday, October 26th, 2006, I test my scooter against Z's that using racing muffler. Remember that my scooter are only 100cc and my rival using 115cc. I catch up him, and open a match. Hehehe, crazy match isn't it? How can 100cc win against 115cc that using racing muffler. But the fact say different! My scooter win against Z.

Enough with the test, and I run slowly to my garage and stop my scooter. I hug it deeply, I'm very proud for you!

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Springs Set

Friday, October 13th, 2006. My springs order has arrived. According to George Szappanos article at the about clutch, I'm going to tune my clutch. I am focusing on the acceleration.

So, I want my clutch engage faster than before. George said that I must plug a lighter set of clutch springs. I plug a 1000RPM clutch springs into my clutch. And hope that this modification will make my clutch engage faster.

Also, It seem that my rear torque-driver spring is not hard enough. Why I said that, because when I tried to run my scooter at 60kmh and go down to 40kmh, and try to accelerate again, I felt that my scooter has loosen some power. So I plug a 1500RPM torque driver spring.

Now It's time to test all the thing that I have done. First thing that I want to test is my clutch springs, so I turn on and run my scooter. The first impression is, "wow is this my scooter or what?". I feel that my scooter has moving faster than before from 0kmh. George, you are absolutely right about this clutch spring. Now I can be more relax on passing a heavy traffic, I don't need a higher RPM to moving my scooter.

Second test is acceleration at the medium speed. So I run my scooter at 60kmh and go down to 40kmh, after that I open the throtle again to speed up my scooter. "This is what I want from my scooter", I said. Because, now the acceleration is good enough to bring it at the 60kmh again.

The last test is, I run my scooter hardly to reach 60kmh from 0kmh. I open the throtle this time hardly. "Wooaaa, my scooter power is amazing, I can feel that my body has pushed back". My heart beat become faster, and I can pass other vehicle easyly. It's different scooter right now.

I am very satisfied about what changes I have made to my scooter. I think I'm gonna love my scooter better than before.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Meet at Kymco Mangga Dua

Saturday, October 7, 2006, I go to Kymco Mangga Dua to meet my friend cause he ask me to come there. It's a perfect time I think, well, may be not a very perfect either, because I have to pick my honey at the airport. And the opposite is I can meet my best friend.

After I arrive at Mangga Dua, I meet Tok, Opa Albert, Ryan and of course Stefanus the owner of Kymco Mangga Dua. Opa, Ryan and Stefanus has big conversation between them. So I walk to Tok and simply open some discussion about scooter in Indonesia.

I admired him, cause he also open mind like our. We talk so much thing about many brand of two wheels. We talk about the superior or weakness of it. I think we has some equal that both of us like to observe about development of two wheels.

He ask me so much thing about Kymco, I explain him about so many type that Kymco sell in Indonesia. He is very interested in Easy JR 100. Yes, JR is great I said, it power is about 8,6PS/7500RPM same like other brand that use 125cc. You can get 100cc engine that has power like 125cc, isn't that great?

He loved JR handling, riding position, baggage and odometer. Unfortunately JR use 10" on it wheels, so the ground clearance is so low. I said that JR based engine is not like Free series, JR has so much power on it engine. Even Free LX that has 111cc engine can be catch by JR. I don't know the secret on JR, because I don't have the opportunity to take apart on JR engine.

He loved Kymco steering that has so much low on vibration, he said that two wheels should be like this.

After a long discussion, we conclude that two wheels production in Indonesia is best at 95's and below, and after that there is some descent in quality.

He talk to me that he admired Kymco community in Indonesia, he said that this community is fast in cooling down after some hard debating. Welcome to our cummunity Tok.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Preparation to Bandung

October 05, 2006 I contact Ryan asking for help to book a hotel for me on Bandung. And he pleased to help me. He told me to wait a minute, and then he contact me again. He said "yes, I've book the hotel and make a reservation, And I paid the bill too". I talk to him, that I would substitute his money for the next wage.

Wow, I have such a great friend. He is the best friend I ever have, I am soo grateful about what he has done to me. I said in my heart that I must help him when he need me a favor next time. I must!

Now I must make some preparation for going to Bandung. First thing that I must do is make my body healtier, because my noose got some ache, feel not comfort alright. And of course make some plan to what we must do on Bandung.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Intake Manifold

After a long wait, finaly my intake manifold that I order from the workshop has arrived. I took my scooter and went to the workshop to get those stuff and go home again.

Now I'm home, can't wait to try my new toy.

I pull out my scooter into garage, and took my tools. Now I'm ready for the experiment. The new intake has about 2cm shorther than my original. I detached the seat from the compartment, and loosen the nuts. And I replace the original with new new one. After finished, it's time to try it in the real road.

I turn on my scooter, I try to run about 20kmh. "What happen to my scooter? Is this really my scooter?", thats the word come out after I try it. Because the acceleration so different. Used to be about 1-2 second before my scooter move, now there no more. Feel like I don't wanna stop, the torque is so amazing.

I try to run it hard. I get shock, my scooter is so powerfull right now. I don't test it with GPS, because I don't have any. But I'm feeling so comfort with my scooter now.

My next target is tuning the CVT.

Gear Lubricant

Sept 6-7, 2006, Ryan and I discuss about what best gear lubricant for our scooter. We talk and compare about some brands which is we think it is a good quality brand.

We limit our discuss for synthetic gear oil only and the grade is 90. After a long discussion, we select grade 75W-90 synthetic gear oil is the best suit for our scooter. However I'm starting to confuse about the specification of some oil that we choose. There is a "cSt", what is this keyword meaning? Don't know much about this, so I look for it on the internet and I've got this.

cSt = centistokes

It amusing alright. I assume it explain about viscosity of the oil on several degree of engine temperature, usually on 40 and 100 degree celcius.

There is some brand that we choose, like Mobil, Maxima and Redline. Ryan already use Mobil, and he decide to try Redline. Me? I don't know which one, because all of thoose product are a good quality.

My answer is, I have to go to the oil shop and see which one is in stock. Ridiculous isn't it. But the fact is, thoose product may be not sell in my country (just my 2 cent). But hey, what about if all of those product are in stock? OK, I pick Mobil and then Redline and for the last is Maxima.

Price? Don't care about the price, as long as my scooter is in a perfect shape.

Kymco Parts

Finally the scooter part that i've ordered arrive.

My friend told me that I must meet him at some place to give that part to me, and then we agree to meet some where at the corner of the city. Can't wait 'till the day, I can not sleep thinking about which part that arrive.

Then the day is coming, I turn my scooter on and go to the place that we agree to meet.

After meet, we discuss so much thing about our scooter progress. We trade some idea that we think is cool for our scooter. And back to the business, he show me the part that he promise to bring it to me. I open the seal and deep look into the part. I know something is missing. I order air filter box assy and intake manifold, but there is only filter box assy in there and where does it intake manifold goes? I ask him about that part, and he told me that factory will sell together with the carburetor. I'm very dissapoint to the factory, because they are very slow to sell some part for users. It seem that something is not correct in their parts distribution, or something that issue them to not come out the parts. I don't know the answer yet.

How do I must plug the assy without the intake manifold? Cause the new part is very short than the old one. So it wouldn't fit in my scooter. Or I must wait again before the part come out.

The modification that I wish to do is making some cut out to the gasoline distribution before enter into the engine. If this is succeded, then my scooter accelaration will get higher than before. I need this to pass the heavy traffic easyly.

Gasoline Consumption

After changing my roller with a heavier weight. I started to count my scooter consumption.

Usually I fill my tank every 2 days about 3.2 liter of gasoline. The distant between my home and office is about 37km, so a day would be about 75km.

Now with this new roller, 3 liter gasoline I can use for 2.5 days.

In my country, 1 liter gasoline = Rp.6,050.-

3.305 liter = 150 km
1 liter = 45.375 km

3.305 liter = 187 km
1 liter = 48.4115 km

In 1 Year:
356 days - 52 days (Sunday) = 304 days
Distant = 304 * 75 km
= 22,800 km
Consumption = (22,800 km / 45.375 km) * 1 liter
= 502.479 liter
Money = 502.479 * Rp.6.050,-
= Rp.3,040,000.-

Consumption = (22,800 km / 48.4115 km) * 1 liter
= 407.9625 liter
Money = 407.9625 * Rp.6.050,-
= Rp.2,849,322.99

Consumption = 502.479 liter - 407.9625 liter
= 94.5165 liter
Money = Rp.3,040,000 - Rp.2,849,322.99
= Rp.190,677.01

This is amazing, I can save a fuel just because changing the roller. The point is, I help the planet too because of lower fuel consumption. And I save my money too.

New Roller

Finally I bought a new set of Roller for my Kymco Scooter. The roller weight was 11gr, heavier than before that just 10gr. According to some website, the more weight of the roller, the more acceleration you got.

So I test the roller after I set it in my scooter. After come out from the kymco workshop, I turn my scooter into the street. First I test it to run about 40kmh. Feel so heavy to reach the 40kmh, but the RPM so low different than before. I think this will decrease my scooter gasoline consumption, because to run at the average speed, it will need lower RPM.

After satisfied at 40kmh, I try to run about 60kmh. The feel like at the 40kmh, the RPM is still low. May be because the way I ride the scooter is different from other people. I ride slowly and let the RPM increase slowly.

At night about 21:15pm, I try my scooter again. Now with different riding style. I try to turn my scooter faster than before. I run my scooter at 40-60kmh. After a while I meet 2 biker that ride Honda so fast. So I want to try my roller weight to chase them.

The gap between us is about 200m when I try to chase them. When I turn my scooter hardly, the power is so soft but the RPM is increasing fastly. Unbelievable! That two biker, got chase in about a few second and I leave them behind in a far distant.

That was a amazing. My heart beat so fast when I past them, this is great sensation that I don't feel in a long time.

I hate those Bike

Last day May 17, 2006 on 17:20pm I came out from my office. I turn my scooter out from the parking line. I really enjoy the street that day, because the street has less crowded than before. Than I try to give more speed on my scooter until 60kph. Wow , I really enjoy it riding with my scooter when the street is like this all the time, but this is rarely happen. So I just stick and enjoy it while I can.

But at the under the bridge that cross Rasuna Said, I stuck. FInally I have to slow down my scooter and walk slowly with other motorcycle.

Than the dissaster is happen. When I go along with other motorcycle, suddenly a motorcycle just hit my scooter so hard. I'm so angry because of this. And that make my scooter fender is broken. Why he can not just ride slowly like other motorcycle or hit the brake at the time before he hit my scooter. Feel like I'm gonna punch that man! But I can't...

'Cause I have to hurry to pick up my honey. So I just leave him and get my scooter out of the crowd. Now I have to prepare some money to buy a new fender.

New Menu of Pizza Hut Indonesia

Tuesday, 16 May 2006 at 3-4pm all of RSC (Support Center) team had a meeting. We discuss about our department progress, we report what we can do for our lovely company in 2nd quarter. We discuss so many thing, and it was so much fun in it. Feel like I'm in my own big family.

After the meeting has done, we eat new menu of Pizza Hut Indonesia that look similar like Malaysia. It call "ORIENTAL PIZZA", this menu has a 2 choice chicken and seafood.

I decided to pick one of seafood oriental cheezburst pizza. From the smell it was so good that make me so hungry, oh no I can't wait to taste it.

I try to bite a little, it feel strange taste in my tounge, may be because the bombay onion. I think onion lover would love this menu, but overall taste is good not like ordinary seafood pizza.

Choir Crisis

Another scary thing in my mission is Choir Crisis.

Angelic Voice is the Choir that I join with having a crisis of instructor. He went out from from our choir. Now what we gonna do without instructor. I know we can make it without him, but some amusing thing will get happen when we have a concert. Who will conduct us?

We are so flustered about this. The solution is, we must find another instructor as soon as possible if we want to go on stage. But we don't have a budget to pay a professional.

What should we do?

New Concept of Kymco Club

Today, May 9, 2006 my kymco friend ask me join Kymco Club. I said, I already join Kymco Club. But he said this club is different. I'm so curious about what he said, and he send me an email the detail of this Club.

The concept was making a "Drag scooter and modification Club of Kymco". I said, wow this is brand new concept after so much tiredness of so many Club in Indonesia that only have touring program.

I am so excited about this, because the Kymco dealer will full support for this club. The founder of this club is the manager of the dealer.

But I think I'm not ready (yet) to join this club, because I have to buy some parts to modificate my scooter. And it's not a cheap parts.

Now my concern is prepare some fund to get marry *laugh*. And that is my first priority now, except if somebody would become my sponsor to modify my scooter (only my dream).

Cube-OLAP on my Office

My job a lot better now, after designing a new cube for Promotion.

Now Marketing team just open the cube on their browser if they want to know about their promotion for a new product.

They just slice and dice and the cube automatically changed as they expect. This technology is very comfortable, because user can create their own report according to their need.

Finally I'm more enjoying my job. But still I can not just sit and calm down, because I need to compete for next 3 month if I want my sallary upgrade again in the second quarter.

This is very high competitive and challenging a lot.

My Friend wanna Pizza Treating

"Hehehe"; that is what I said if all my friend asking about treat a pizza from me.

Why I said that? That because my employee discount voucher isn't out yet. So, I can not treat my friend as they expect. Especially when they know my probation is over and my salary has upgraded. Wow, the pressure is high hahaha...

For Mr. Soyuz, I'm sorry I can not buy you a pizza when birthday. May be next time when you are come home to Indonesia. And for all the warrior from PTX, may be May 2006 I will buy all of you a pizza.

Bonus of The Month

Yeah... all right.., finally this Month, April 2006 the company will give me a bonus about 45% from my salary. Because the company sales bigger than they expectation. Btw, the bonus is every 3 month. Is that amazing? And you know what, I've finished my probation and my salary upgraded into 10% from the base.

Wow, I can't imagine this. Feel like I'm flying.



I have to design about 23 website. Poorly I must complete it in just a couple of week.

The purpose of this website is just for raising the rating for search engine of the official website. I think this is cheating, because the content of the official website is NONE, and never been updated by he. I don't wanna this assignment, but I've got a pressure from the above. What should I do?

I don't have any power to reject. I told them to hired a new one to specifically do this job. Beside complete this job, he must update both website content regularly. And I don't have much time to do that, my priority is DBA and project maintenance.

May be if this project time line has a more extend, I will consider it.

Finally . . .

Finally. Yes that's the first word after my scooter arrived. I'm so happy about it, and I can't express it how I feel.

But something is weird, the specification of my scooter is differ than what they have told me.

The next day I complain about it, and their response is positive. They agree to accept all my complain, and they will process it soon. Wow, I don't no what to say after a hard day with the tax man, kymco is so welcome. And it make me calm again.

Thank you Kymco.

Buying My Scooter

Saturday we go to Kymco, and order our scooter. After picking the color, we sign some paper.

And they told us that the leaser will come to survey to my home, and I said OK for that.

This day, the leaser call me, and he wanted both of my parent sign some paper too. And I think this is so complicated, because I have to contact my dad to come home as soon as possible and so am I.

I'm the one who'd liked to buy a scooter, and why do they want my parent sign that paper too? Do they don't trust me, or that is just their SOP. I don't know, but it make me confuse.

The leaser come to my office to interview me, but it doesn't make me comfortable, because he interviewed me in the street.

Now, I'm waiting the approval for my scooter. If they agree, then Kymco will deliver the scooter tomorrow to my home.

I'm so nervous waiting for tomorrow.

Which One

After reading some news, Honda will launch their first 125cc injection motorcycle.

It make me confuse again, which one do I have to choose. I can't make up my mind. Because the technology would be amazing, and it make me so wonder how it will be. Woaa, what should I do, I can't control my self!!!???
Should I wait and pick that motorcycle or stay with my last choose (Kymco).

But when I saw to my past, I think I will keeping my choose to Kymco. They offer more comfortness than the other brand. Because next year will be a hard ride from home to office.

But if other brand offer comfortness just like Kymco did, may be I will consider it again.

My Future

After the ruler raised Fuel Price, I know that starting on October 1st, 2005 my day will get harder.

I must pay debt for my house, buying a motorcyle, insurance, get married, fill my house with furniture. Oh, I don't know what to tell, but it seems that I can't imagine how hard it will be. Plus I don't know about my contract with company that I work for. If they decide to continue, what about my salary? Is it gonna raise or stay, feel hopeless if it not raise.

Because other comodity will raise to following the Fuel Price. What should I do? Desperate in my mind.

But my love always give me a good support. I know that I must not sink in the cloud of darkness of my mind, I must survive. Feel warm when she is beside me.

Thank you my love, you're the greatest gift that HE has given to me

Get Ready To Buy My New Kymco

We (me and my love) agree and decide to buy a new motorcycle.

And we decide to buy Free Ex, but another problem is when?
After a long conversation, we decide to buy 2-3 weeks before Ramadhan. Why? Because usually dealer have some promotion for the customer to attrack customer to buy their product.

Can't wait till that day. No more back hurt, or tired of riding, it will be fun. Cause riding a motorcycle should be fun, that my new paradigm of riding a motorcycle.
Why should I buy an expensive motorcycle, just to hurting my back or make my arm and whole my body tired. It's a long way go to my office, it spend an hour may be more. It's time to make some change, I don't care what people said about this motorcycle.

Ride with pride

12 inch alloy wheels

Right now Kymco scooter owner especially Free Ex, discuss about the application of 12 inch alloy wheels on their own scooter.

According to the other version of this scooter on other country version, it is ok if you trade the 10 inch with thoose 12 inch. But another problem comes, where can we get thoose 12 inch alloy wheel.
I've allready emailed Kymco UK about purchasing only the alloy wheel, but until today they don't reply me. I've emailed Kymco Indonesia too, but it seem that their email didn't active anymore. There is one website that sell alloy wheel for Kymco: TrickTape Motorsports, but they don't sell it to Indonesia.

There is a debate between Indonesia Kymco owner, about the application of 12 inch alloy wheel. Some say that it won't fit, because with 10 inch, the tire is very close to the engine. But others say that there is some gap that it would be fit. But the fact is, no one ever try it with their scooter because no one have that 12 inch alloy wheel, neither do I.

The rumor is, Kymco Indonesia will sell 12 inch version, but somehow we do not know when they will launch that scooter.

Brand New Motorcycle

Tired of using my motorcycle....

I need a brand new motorcycle, that drive with relax and feel free. I'm sorry my motorcycle,may be next month you will rest forever or I just sell it to someone else.
According to goverment rule, oil price will increase on October 1, 2005, and loan too. I think this the time to buy my new motorcycle.
I've already survey a lot of Japanese brand, including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. But I'm fall in love with something else beside Japanese cycle, and that is Kymco Free Ex. I think she is cute, I know this is just my opinion. May be other people doesn't agree with me, but no problemo. I have a right to tell my opinion.
Free Ex, that is the name. Why I choose this motorcycle? A lot of my friend as me "why do you pick that cycle, the aftersales is not good like japanese man". Yeah I know that, but that just because people paradigm.
Kymco is Honda partner on 1964, they build Honda engine. With the flow of time, they decide to build their own brand, and they call it Kymco. And thats why I confidence to buy this motorcycle. The quality is good, Last thing I know, kymco market share in US is one of the biggest in 250cc below.
The part that I love about this motorcycle is, she has a huge baggage that my full face hetmet will fit in it, not like other that only fit a half face helmet. I would not going to risk my life just for that.
Oh, why I'm writing this.... Never mind, I will buy this motorcycle or scooter exactly.

Bravo Kymco