Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tune up Green EX

Saturday, April 14, 2007, I woke up in the morning and get prepare to go to Otista. I had an appointment with my friend that we want tune up our scooter at Pulogadung Trade Center (PTC). After arrived at Otista, I contact Mocky, because he wasn't there. He pickup his phone and said that he's on the road, gave him a 15-20 minutes. Let see, what should I do at that time, oh there is a man sitting at the front of the workshop, ok I'll talk to him and open a conversation.

This man is great, a lot of information that I can get from him. After a while, Mocky contact me, he said that I must wait a little longer, 'cause Godot isn't arrive yet. The conversation become more exciting with this man. He talk about his life and experiences.

After Mocky and Godot arrived, I prepare my self to ride with them. We headed to PTC. When we under the bridge (I don't know the road name), I saw other motorcycle are on the left side. Ups, I think we pick the wrong path. Previously there are 3 branch of road. Left, middle that headed to the highway, and the right. We pick the right one, because the left one look so hesitate, only a small road. At the end of the road, some policeman has waited us for raid. Mocky said that we are journalist, hahaha. And other policeman come to us issuing the traffic ticket. I'm prepared for my driving licence, but the police chief come to us and said that we can go. We said thank you. At the road we laugh about this. Hahaha.

We arrived at the PTC about 10am, and I saw there is only a few of man in there. Oh yeah, Wagni is there already and his scooter is in the line waiting for his turn. We apply for the service and giving our key to them. After that we talk to our friend there, and seek some spot to talk comfortly. We met friends from cikarang, and discussion became more warm. So much information that we can share with them.

Oh there is a new product that launch there. Yes, there is Free LX 14" alloy wheels. I tried to test ride and feel the different from this scooter. Hem, first impression when I look at it was this scooter look very peculiar. I think the tire become look so small, just like a muscle man with a small leg. OK, lets taste it.

This scooter power is same just like the 12" wheels. But there is some big different with the handling. This scooter steering is not good as the 12". The comfortness differ either, this one less comfort. I can't image how the rider should ride this scooter for a long period of time. Back problem will appear. Where does the comfortness that you offer from your brand, are you forgot?

Now my concern is turn to my scooter that been handled by the factory man wearing a white suit. I told to him to change my roller set from the one I brought. It's combination 7.5g and 10g, each 3 pieces. The air filter was changed either with the new one, because it need to replaced. Finished with the work, it's time to tune the carburetor with the emission test. Done!

I turn my scooter engine on, and feel it. Yeah, this time it acceleration will be boost. At 3pm, Mocky, Godot and I are leaving from PTC. I test my scooter on different traffic condition. First one was heavy traffic. Ups, the acceleration is not like before, it boost alright. Riding in a heavy traffic become more fun this time. I don't need more skill to pass it again.

At the Cempaka Putih we separate, I continue my journey to the west jakarta, while mocky and godot headed to south jakarta. Lets find a wide open road to test the acceleration from 0-60kmh. From Cempaka Putih until Gambir station I can not test it, but from Gambir until Monas I open the throttle wide and constantly to test the acceleration. This is good acceleration, but I think there is a lack of power on it. I think I need a bigger acceleration, but if choose the acceleration, I will sacrifice the top speed. Right now I do not wish to touch the engine for tuning, my concern is transmission parts first.

This is not the optimum condition for the transmission based on my need. There are some parts that I would like to try, but I should wait before it arrive.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Test Ride Another EX

Wednesday, April 11, 2007, Me, Arif and Wagni met at the front of Bidakara Building. Our plan is test ride between our ride performance and made some comparison between it.

After all of the team is complete, we switch our ride. I am using Arif scooter, Arif using Wagni scooter, and the last one is Wagni using mine Green EX.

From left to right: Arif, mine, and Wagni scooter

Take a look closer from the left

From the right side

Now we set the path for the test. I think Gatot Subroto is the best path for the test, because it consist of 4 traffic lane. The path is: Bidakara - Semanggi - TVRI - Semanggi - Bidakara.

I lead the group to the road. My first impression about Arif scooter was, the acceleration good enough. When I see a wide open road, I open the throttle widely to the proper torque. I tried to open a little bit rush this time, the power I think is enough. I can reach about 95kmh, and I think this scooter can go further. But wait, when I look at the mirror, where is everybody? Ups, they left behind. What happen? Are they did not open the throttle widely or what? At the bridge that turn to right, I'm very enjoy the ride, because I can open the throttle differ than anyone else on that road. While the other hit the brake, I keep the throttle open and not hit the brake until the scooter really closed to others.

Now the traffic quite heavy. It's time for acceleration test. Arif scooter can get out from the heavy traffic easily, but I'm having problem with the handle grip. I think its to big, he added some rubber to the grip that make it larger than the original. And the brake is a little loose either the front and the rear.

At the mulia tower, I stop the scooter waiting for Arif and Wagni. Arif ask us if we want to switch our ride, but I told them not. Because this road is suited for the test. After I run about 200m, I saw the road is in medium traffic, I can not run it as good as before.

Arif scooter character is, low and mid power good enough, but the top end need a little extra effort to get to the top speed.

And the second test is, I'm using Wagni scooter.

The path is changing right now. It's Bidakara - Otista - Bidakara. Now I told to Arif to go first. Wagni scooter is great, the acceleration is great. It respond based on the throttle very impressive. The power exist until the last speed. First test I can go 102kmh, and the second when we turn back to bidakara, I can go to 104kmh. But there is a problem with this scooter, it can not brake properly. My assumption is this scooter handle brake had been cut down a couple of inch, and that make the rider can not pull the handle with full power. This time I leave those two guy left behind like the first test. Whats wrong with them?

Oh yeah, I forgot. Wagni scooter character is, low until top end is impressive.

After we finish the test, we talk so much things about our ride. Wagni ask me about his scooter and what should he do to the scooter.

I told him, your scooter is alright. The problem is your selves. If you could fix your riding style, you can catch up your brother. And it depend on the rider guts and technique. But he told me that this is his first bike and he learn to ride a bike with this scooter. I smile at him.

For Arif, I told him to change his riding style too, about how to treat my Green EX. Don't be hesitate to open the throttle.

My last conclusion is, riding style can make a huge different effect for the ride.