Monday, June 18, 2007

Rehealing My Scooter

Saturday, June 16, 2007, I want to tune my scooter torque power. The reason is, after what happen to my scooter a few weeks ago, my scooter torque power has been down grade. And that make more stress on me if I'm facing the heavy traffic. My scooter become so slow when I want to accelerate.

The valve is correct, air mixture is correct. What is the problem then?

I think the carburetor throttle valve spring that too hard. The result is the throttle valve always to late to respond, because it can not push the spring higher.

It is time to work!!!

Open the baggage with the key, and open the carburetor maintenance cover inside the baggage using screwdriver. Remove two screw on top of the carburetor that hold the vacuum parts. Remove the metal parts. Now I can see the spring. I take out the spring and measure it. Now I must press it and lowering the spring tension.


Plug the spring and replace all of the parts that I had been removed it before.

Now the test begin.

Turn on the scooter and wait until the auto choke stop to operate. I open the throttle and hear the engine roar. Yes this is what I want.

Engine OK, now time to moving on the front brake. My scooter had a problem on the front brake that always making a noise like a rat. I hate that. Remove the two bolt that hold the brake and remove the L-bolt that hold the brake shoe. I check again and again the piston mechanism, nothing wrong with it. I pull the front brake handle lever, and it OK too. It take so much time to figure it out what's wrong with thw brake. The brake suspension like mechanism is OK. But when I look closely to the bar suspension, I can see that the suspension and the brake pad has adhere. I test it whether this is the problem or not. Yes, I found it, this is the problem. I take out the abrasive steel to cut out a couple of micrometer. After the process is done, I put everything together and see my scooter front brake mechanism. Yes it work.

I open garage and run my scooter on the street. Yeah, everything work perfectly. I feel very comfort with my scooter condition right now.

Sunday, June 17, 2007, I check the horn sound. I sense it not alright with the sound, I must fix it. Open the seven screw that hold the shield, and remove the shield from it location. I see that there is a cable that stick together with the horn, and that makes the horn can not vibrating correctly. So I move the cable to the proper place, so it will not disturbing the horn again. I test it and it sound great.

I plug the shield and put all of the screw to it place. My scooter is in the best condition now, except the air filter that need to be cleaned. I don't have any compressor, so I can not clean it by my selves. May be next time I will bring the filter to the workshop just to clean it out.