Thursday, February 08, 2007

Can Not Access The Workshop

Wednesday, January 31, 2007, I wanted to bring my scooter to the workshop for fixing the broken parts.

My plan is like this:
- I contact my father in law to borrow his office box car
- I contact my mechanic about my visitation

I must bring it on the Saturday, because my scooter take so long sitting on the garage. Now this is the right time. Yup, this is the most perfect time after my new book of journey is done.

But something horrible happen on the Friday, rain isn't stopping from Thursday until Friday, and that make the road become like a river. I only see water everywhere. How can I bring my scooter to the workshop for repair? What Should I do?

Right now, I can only wait and see for the flood withdraw. I contact my father in law again to cancel the car and changing my plan into another one. Yup, there is always plan B in my life.

I miss riding with my scooter again, but the street didn't support for a safety riding. I choose to stay with a bus for awhile, and I can not sleep tight until I can ride with my scooter again.

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