Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Dream Machine

It's been 5 years since I buy my last desktop computer. It is time to buy another one with the latest technology inside. But something that bother me is, my computer is still as fast as brand new computer, even if I compare it with the computer that I used in my office.

My desktop computer specification:
- Abit NF7-S Socket A
- AMD Athlon 2400+ (1.8Ghz)
- NVidia GForce2 MX-400 256MB
- DDRAM 512MB PC-2700
- HardDisc Maxtor 40GB ATA-133

My office desktop computer specification:
- Wearness PC
- Intel Pentium 4 Dual Core 3.0GHz
- Graphic adapter onboard
- HardDisc Seagate 80GB ATA-100

As you can see, compared to this two different specification, my desktop still win. Why I can say that, if I only had an old machine.

My analysis is:
1. Graphic adapter. Mine is faster, because it separated from the motherboard, so it will not suffer the whole system.
2. Memory (DDRAM). Mine is doubled, so it will hold data larger.
3. HardDisc. Mine is using faster I/O interface, so it will reduce bottle neck in data communication.

If I check the system when on full load, Intel dual core produce more heat than AMD Athlon. Mine is 55 degree and Intel is 67 degree. So when it reach 70 degree Celcius, it will try to slow down the whole system. This is bad! Intel easyly reach 70 degree Celcius, while AMD maximum only 58 degree. And also the cooling system. The fan only rotate about 2100 RPM in Intel, compared to mine is about 4100 RPM. How can that they slowing down the fan speed when the system produce more heat tolerance than other? I put my computer in my room that temperature about 32 degree Celcius without air conditioning, while my office had an air conditioning. If my office PC is put in my room, I don't know what will happen to it; may be the heat will damaging the processor.

The conclution is, even the processor are using the fastest one without support from the other peripheral, it useless!

Back to the topic, I want to buy a brand new PC right now. Why? Last time I said my old 5 year PC is faster than the brand new PC; the answer is, I can not play a brand new game with it, even my office PC.

So, here it is my dream machine specification:
- AMD Athlon™ 64 FX (Dual-Core)
- Radeon® X1650 Pro 512MB PCI Express®
- Memory 2GB minimum
- HardDisc 250GB minimum

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Air Intake

Something that make me so curious, is the air intake. If I can make some huge different in the air intake, I will produce higher power than before.

In physics, it use A1.V1 = A2.V2

Air flow from the air intake is A1.V1 and flow go through the carburetor is A2.V2

If I maximize the air flow from the air intake, then at the end of the carburetor, it will produce such a higher volume of gas mixture. This concept was adopt by the turbo charger. I'm planning to try this concept.

The problem now, there is no turbo charger for two wheels.

So I turn back to the basic concept. I try to higher the A1, and that mean fastering the air flow. I do not want to bigger the V1 (volume), because that will make me to replace the air intake with the bigger one. No way I would replace it, because there is no replacement kit for it.

How do I do this? That is still mistery in my mind. I am still research it. Hopefully I can speed up the research time, but it will cost alot of money.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Awakening

After a long hibernating, finally he awake. Awake with a full a power that so frightening, a life form from a shadow. Burn like a fire from the hell. A fire body with aflame blue eyes, it so frightening. This knee become a supple when I meet his face to face, can't keep my eyes of him.

How can I beat him with such a great power? I can not even move my body apart. My courage is falling down like a waterfall. Is this his true power? A power that can make others can not move it own body because of his greatest power!

I need more strength! I need to be fly like a phoenix!

But I can not...

I'm here right now, hopeless, crying at my own body. Sitting just a couple of meter in front of him.

He laughing at me, this time he win against me. What should I do? No one can help me out! Right now, I'm on my own. I must beat him, I must!

I build my own strength, facing my own fear. I get up and challenge him. We start to fight. But my strength isn't enough yet to offset him. I keep loosing fight against him, but I won't give up so easily this time.

Wooaaaa......, I keep raising my strength until crossing my own limit. My body is so hot, feels like I'm burning my own body. With my full energy, I fight him, and attack him with all of my strength. I release my last energy in a single attack, hope I can win this match. If not, then I do not know what todo next.

It seems it work, I beat him! I absorb his energy and we become one. Now, he is under my control.