Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New Mirror Assy

Finally, the mirror assy arrived from Taiwan. Yes!

This is the original mirror assy for my scooter, and it is different from the one that sell on my country, hihihi...

Here is the picture of it.

This one is the front side (sorry about the picture, the source light is a little bit to much).

This is the mirror from a closer look, there is a letter written on the mirror.

This is the front side from a closer look

What I like about this mirror is there are 2 holes at the bottom of the mirror for water drainage

And of course, a unique bolt mounting design

Friday, March 18, 2011


I don't know exactly when did I swap the Face Movable Drive for my scooter transmission from KKE3 to KUDU. But one thing I do remember, the parts made the fuel consumption become more worst.

For a comparison:
- KKE3: Speed for 5600 RPM is 60 kmh
- KUDU: Speed for 5600 RPM is 53 kmh

Let say if we really test it run for an hour with a very stable 5600 RPM for an hour (which is imposible in the real world). Then we can assume it will reach 60 km. And so on the KUDU will reach 53 km in an hour.

On KKE3, the fuel consumption is about 35 kpl.

Now we calculate the new fuel consumption if we use the KUDU parts.
Fuel Cons KUDU = Distance KUDU / (Distance KKE3 / Fuel Cons KKE3)

Fuel Cons KUDU = 53 km / (60 km / 35 kpl)
Fuel Cons KUDU = 53 km / 1.7143 L
Fuel Cons KUDU = 30.9167 kpl

The conclution is:
KKE3 vs KUDU = 35 kpl vs 31 kpl