Thursday, February 01, 2007

New book of journey

January 28th, 2007 is one of my biggest day. It is the new book of journey.

I closed the old book that full with memory. Memory that still inside my head. There are a lot of wonderful memory, I hope I don't forget it, what a pain if I forget it.

The Holy Matrimony was very great. I know that we don't prepare it very well for the church. Grandma is coming on church,  I know that her health is not very good, but she tried to come to see her best grandson got married.  Tears in my eyes and I cried on her knee. Thank you Father in Heaven for bring her on the Matrimony.

I am very enjoyfull on that day, I can met all of my best friend. They are coming from all over the places. I had a great time with them. But there is something that make me so sad, some of my best friend don't have a picture with us on the ceremony.

But overall, the celebration of love is run smoothly. I thank to Father in Heaven again for this. He is so wonderful, He heard and answer our prayer in the perfect time. Thank you Father.

For Soyuzno, thank you for the invitation design. I keep it one for you.
For Uma Yusuf, thank you for your support.

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