Wednesday, March 19, 2008

8000km with Amsoil and Migrating to AMO

Wednesday, March 18, 2008, Amsoil MCF 10W-40 has reached 8000 kilometer. It's time to drainage the oil and change it with the new one.

8000 kilometer for Amsoil it seem ok, I don't sense any minor failure about this oil. Run very great for my scooter.

1. Engine Noise
The engine noise is still low as before.

2. Engine vibration
This what I like about this oil, the engine vibration almost reduced if I using this oil. And 8000km is no problemo at all. Good bye vibration.

3. Power and Torque
The power and torque had been drop on 7000km, but that is not Amsoil failure. That is my fault, cleaning the air filter with the wrong way. But amsoil can make the whole system work great even when the air is not flown with the correct way. 7000-8000km the power and torque isn't change at all.

Let's change the oil. Prepare 17" rachet, tray and beaker.

First put the tray below the scooter and open the oil drainage nut with 17" rachet. Drain the oil until the last drop.

I touch the oil with my finger and feel it. This oil is still slick. I think this oil can go further, may be about 10,000 kilometer, don't know for sure.

Next is I put two drop of oil on a plastic and see the oil, if it still clean or dark or none of those.

As you can see, the oil is very dark color. I tried to flatten it again and see if there is still gold color. Yes, there is.

That convince me that this oil is great for my engine. I recommend it for anyone who would like to try this oil.

Pour the Amsoil AMO 10W-40 into the beaker about 800mL. And fill it into the engine after tighten the drainage nut. Finished; check the dip stick gauge if it correct.

Job done. Time to test this oil performance.

I turn on my engine and warm it until the RPM steady about 1700RPM. Open the garage and run my scooter to the office.

On a heavy traffic there is no difference on the torque and power, so the engine vibration. On a light traffic, I open the throttle wide, and fell it. Nope, nothing change at all. But wait when my scooter speed reached 80kmh, the engine vibration is differ than before. The engine vibration is getting down and down. Even when I force my scooter until 100kmh, still the engine vibration is low than the old one.

I think the second Amsoil change work better than before, because the first one, is still contaminated with the old one.

Now my engine lubrication, pure with Amsoil. And it work very great. Thank you Amsoil.