Monday, March 12, 2007

Complaining The Tire

Wednesday, March 7, 2007, I want to complain about my rear tire by phone, because it puffy. So I seek the tire producer on the internet. I found it; but there is something weird about this. The official website tell me that they only produce tire for bicycle!

So who is the one that produce my scooter tire?

Forget it, as long as I can complain this tire and get the new one. I call the number that exist on the header site. I call it once, and it busy. I call it twice, and it keep busy. And the third one, it worked. Some woman pick up and answer my phone. I tell her about what I want. And she said that if I want to complain about tire, this is not the place. I have to call to floor 10th. She gave me the number to call it by my selves. What is this! Is she can not forward or transfer my call to the complaining area that locate on the floor 10?

That made me so angry, why the customer service is not good. Is it because there are a lot of complaining about their product or what? Lot of my friend said that the tire that I used is not good, it often puffy for this brand. They told me to switch to another brand.

I think I should change it, but I don't wanna loose for this one. I tried the number that she gave to me. Someone pickup and I said hello, I want to complain about your tire product. But without any word, she forward me to another one. Is this some kind of joke?

After waiting for a while, there is a man voice. He ask me, "what can I help for you?". Oh this one is kind and pretty good in customer service. I tell him about the tire quality and what happen to the tire that i bought a few month ago. He ask me where do leave, and he told me to go to the main supplier that near to my home and complain to them. This is great, because I don't have to ride to bring the tire just to complain.

I call it to the main supplier, and I said I want to complain about my scooter tire. The one that on the end of the phone forward it to the warehouse section. Mr Rachmat answer all of my complaining, including the procedure that I must take. He told me that I must complain it to the store that I bought. Ok, I said, I will complain it to the store. But what if they can not help? He said that he will help me.

I closed the phone and call the store. After a long debate, I give up. The store is not accept any complaination for the tire. So I call back to Mr. Rachmat to tell him about it. He said that he will help me. But he is not promise that this will succeed, but he will try.

Saturday, March 10, 2007, we plan some points in our todo check list. One is bring my rear tire to Mr Rachmat. After I meet him, he test the tire and sign the puffy spot. He made some document and gave it to me and he said that he will contact me if the replacement for my tire arrive. And he tell me that if I want to buy a new tire again, he can help me too.