Monday, June 04, 2007

Green Is Back In Business

Friday, June 1, 2007, I think I know the problem. The problem was on the carburetor, the float setting was incorrect after I change the rear shock absorber. The engine angle is increasing after I change the absorber, it about 15-20 degree. So the fuel distribution from the tank is shutdown before fuel on the float bowl rearch it lower limit. That make the fuel can not get through the jet into the air stream. Thats the reason why is my scooter is always having a trouble lately.

I setup my tools to solve the problem.

First, open the baggage and remove it. Next open the bolt on the intake and air intake, and remove the carburetor. Remove the three bolts that hold the float bowl, becareful, do not waste the fuel in it. Now I try to remove float from the seat before adjusting. The float is made from a plastic, but the adjuster is made from a metal, so it can be adjusted.

Remove the metal from the float by cutting on the pilar that stick on the metal. Adjust the metal about 20 degree outer and plug it into the float and stick it with a powerfull glue. Now put everything together to the proper places.

Everything is set, now is just the final test. If this is gonna work or not?

I turn the key on and start the engine. I tried to turn my scooter on about 5 times, but it wont startup. I think the float bowl hasn't fill with the fuel. So I open the throttle a little bit wide and keep it on a few second. I try to turn it again, and it work with a problem. The engine RPM is not constant, I thought that the bowl still hasn't got a proper fuel. So I wait a little longer.

After the engine RPM is constant, adjust the air screw mixture and idle to about 1700 RPM. Now my scooter are ready.

I open the garage and test it.

The scooter work fine with only one rider, now the test continue with tandem. This time, the scooter is fine. The power just like before, a little bit low power than before actually. But I think that because of the valve that set incorrectly by the mechanic.

I test it until Monday and it work fine. So the trouble is solved!

Now I'm ready to move on to the next tune.