Friday, September 28, 2007

Third Day With Amsoil

Friday, September 28, 2007, I open the garage and move out my scooter. Then I turn on my scooter and leave it alone. But my scooter ack strange than two days ago. The idle RPM is increasing easily, it seems like the auto choke work better than before. I didn't hold the throttle to make the RPM increasing.

Yesterday I didn't notice about this, but last thing I remember is, this kinda strange also happen yesterday. As you know, I already complain to the dealer about the choke that didn't work correctly. But the dealer said it just fine, nothing wrong with the choke. With this oil, it fix the auto choke problem. I do not know how did they do. Maybe because the oil film that protect the engine better than before, so that make the friction point very low. Because of the friction is very low, the piston can move easily too. So this make the whole system work more lightly.

I run my scooter until 60kmh, the engine vibration is very low. Even when I run until 80kmh. I must go further to test it, but a heavy traffic is headed near by. So I must slow down and forget to test the top end power.

Last thing is, the engine deseleration is not like before. Now the RPM fall more slow. This mean the engine power will not drop as fast as a free fall when I close the throttle. But the side effect of this is I need to brake more accurate and a better braking system. May be I should change my braking fluid with a better one and check the whole braking system.

I'm getting more curious about this oil. What kind of another strange thing that this oil would do to my scooter engine.