Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Migrate to The Full DC System

Friday, August 7, 2009, I want to implement Full Wave electricity system for
my scooter.

The positive effect of Full Wave system is:
  • Full DC system
  • Stable battery charging
  • Minimal blinking on the light system
  • More brighter light

And the negative side of Full Wave system is:
  • More hotter on the rectifier
  • Must use the Full Wave Rectifier minimum 2 phase (bigger is better)
  • More hotter on the cabling system

This is the step detail to implement Full Wave system (see picture
  • Release both of the blue mark cable
  • Join both of the cable

  • The left blue mark picture is for AC system light
  • The right blue mark picture is for grounding

Technically, Full Wave system or should I say full DC system, doesn't need light system sourced from the Stator. Because it source directed from the battery!!! So, the light cabling system and grounding is disabled, and then replace it with the combination of the light and grounding cable. This make the output became doubled or may be tripled through the light cable (yellow cable).

Make sure that the Stator ground is disable for good. If not, then the Full Wave system didn't work correctly! And can cause burn to the whole electricity system.

Next step is (see picture below):
  • Release the yellow cable on the white socket opposite the pink dot and seal it!
  • Remove the rectifier
  • Release the yellow cable on the rectifier socket and connect it to the positive system out from the key contact
  • Connect a new cable to the white socket and direct it to the rectifier socket
  • Replace the rectifier with a brand new Full Wave Rectifier

Done. That's all the step detail if I want to migrate to the Full Wave

  • Yellow cable: Lighting sourced from the Stator
  • White cable: Battery charging sourced from the Stator (AC)
  • Red cable: Battery input charging (DC)
  • Green cable: Ground