Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Testing Shell 10W-40

Wednesday, August 1, 2007, I go to the workshop for servicing my scooter. I want to test this Shell Helix Plus. I pick Shell 10W-40 API SL.

I want to test it compare to the older one. So I don't want any changes on my scooter setting. Even on the valve clearance or anything. I want the test as accurate as possible.

After finished, I'm leaving the workshop to test the result. Here it is the result:

- Sound
I run my scooter below 40kmh for a couple of hundred meter just to make sure that the oil has circulated inside the engine. Now, lets hear the engine sound. The traffic condition is very suited for this test, yes it is very light traffic. So I can hear my engine sound very well. My engine sound is very quiet. I love it very much.

If this sound keep like this until the time I change it, then I will use it again.

- Vibration
While I'm testing the sound, I also test the vibration. I run my scooter in low, medium and high RPM until 9000. In any RPM, my scooter vibration is better than before. This time my scooter is a lot more smoother.

- Power
I run my scooter as usual. The power has increased very little, you can not feel it if you aren't feel it deeply. I can get to 60kmh without a notice. I think this is correlation with the vibration that has decreased. I can get through the heavy traffic lightly without any trouble.

- Top Speed
I haven't test it yet, may be next time. I can only reach 80kmh, I can not go faster because of the traffic.

Overal, this oil is good, better than before. The smell is good too. May be I should test it again before I change it, whether the sound, vibration and any other test items are decresed and how much does it decresed?

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