Monday, June 11, 2007

Setup The Valve

Sunday, June 10, 2007, I go to my friend. I want him to check my scooter valve, I though something wrong with it. I promise to him at 5 pm I will arrive to the meet point.

I said hello to him. He is so warm, he accept me as his old friend. He heard all of my scooter problem, and he promise that he will check it later after he pack some stuff.

7 pm, he check the valve and tune it to the proper set. He said that the out valve too tight, and the in valve is correct. But he want to make sure. So he check it again and again, almost 4 times. Yeah this is what I like from him, he is so thorough. He set my carburetor again just to make sure.

Finished. He ask me to test it whether I like it or not.

Wear a jacket and helmet, I turn on my scooter, and run it. I run it a little bit hard.

First test is the acceleration and then mid power, and the last is top speed.

There is a lack of power on the acceleration, I don't like it. But the mid power was great. I though the roller combination must be set again from the beginning. I can not get the top speed on this road, because the path is reaching it end, only 80kmh. But I think the top power isn't good. So I get back to my friend to tell the result.

He said that I must replace the intake manifold to the original. Because he think that there is a leak on the air intake, and that make the air mixture become too much. But I said that I have check the intake and I don't sense any leak. He check the intake thoroughly. and he found out there is a leak. I look into it and check it together with him. There is a voice of wind came out from the carburetor.

We found it! The leakage was on the auto choke.

I said that the auto choke was expensive, so I wouldn't replace it with the new one. I must figure it how to make that leak disappear. I think some sealant would be the right answer of this.

Finished will all of this, I say thank you and goodbye to him. And I run my scooter to home.

Monday, June 11, 2007, I wake up at 5 am and prepare some tools. Remove the baggage and look deep into the auto choke. Open the two screw and remove the auto choke from it place. I see a plate that hold the auto choke, I flatten the plate and plug the auto choke to the proper place. Tighten the scew and test the result. I shake the auto choke if it shaky or not. Yes, I don't sense any movement from the auto choke while I shake it.

Turn on the engine and test if it work or not. I tried to hear any voice came out from the carburetor. Nothing! So the problem solved. Yeah, I'm so happy about this.

Packup the tools and get ready to go to the office.

At 6.15 am, I ride my scooter to the office with a normal riding style. Still, there is a lack of power on the acceleration. But this is better than yesterday. Mid power was great, I can feel it until top power. I can get 80kmh easily, but I can not get the top speed because of the traffic condition. Well, I'm pretty satisfied for my scooter condition now. Next time, I must set the roller combination again to get a better acceleration.

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