Monday, October 13, 2008

Scooter Auto Detailing

Saturday, October 10, 2008, I decided to migrating from my old wax into the new one. And I want it to move not only the wax, but something beyond from it. It is auto detailing; I choose Meguiar's.

I prepare my scooter and go to the Meguiar's shop and buy three of their product:
- Smooth Surface® Clay Kit
- NXT Generation® Tech Wax™ Paste
- Supreme Shine® Microfibre Towel

I know that three of these product is not enough if I really want to concentrate on auto detailing for my scooter. The answer is money. My spend money is only enough for three of these product, and based on my knowledge this is enough for the basic auto detailing.

Clay is useful to remove the contaminants that wash process can not clean it. The inside clay package is:
- 16oz Quik Detailer
- 2 clay bars
- Supreme Shine® Microfibre Towel
- 4oz Cleaner Wax

I don't use the Cleaner Wax, because I already buy NXT Tech Wax 2.0

Now let's prepare the scooter first with wash. After that, I open the clay bar and flatten it on my palm. I spray small amount of the Quik Detailer onto the clay, and I spray it either to the paint surface. I buff the paint surface with the clay, after that I clean it with the Microfibre Towel included in the package.

Done with that, now it is time to move on to the wax to protect the paint system of my scooter.

NXT Tech Wax™ Paste package contains:
- Wax Paste
- Application Pad

Hold the pad on my palm and touch the wax. Buff lightly onto the paint surface.

Wait until it dry and use the Supreme Shine™ Microfibre Towel to remove the residue. Almost forgot, the Supreme Shine™ Microfibre Towel contains three pieces of towel. With this towel, cleaning the wax residue become more easier and faster. I note the previous differences with my past wax is, this NXT doesn't leaves a white residue if it touch the plastic parts.

Here is the result:



Bottom Plastic:

As you can see, the result is amazing, especially on the black paint; the result is like a mirror. You can see the reflection on the black paint clearly.

Now I must spend more money if I want more deep gloss and darker result.