Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Air Intake

Something that make me so curious, is the air intake. If I can make some huge different in the air intake, I will produce higher power than before.

In physics, it use A1.V1 = A2.V2

Air flow from the air intake is A1.V1 and flow go through the carburetor is A2.V2

If I maximize the air flow from the air intake, then at the end of the carburetor, it will produce such a higher volume of gas mixture. This concept was adopt by the turbo charger. I'm planning to try this concept.

The problem now, there is no turbo charger for two wheels.

So I turn back to the basic concept. I try to higher the A1, and that mean fastering the air flow. I do not want to bigger the V1 (volume), because that will make me to replace the air intake with the bigger one. No way I would replace it, because there is no replacement kit for it.

How do I do this? That is still mistery in my mind. I am still research it. Hopefully I can speed up the research time, but it will cost alot of money.