Monday, May 17, 2010

Horn Relay

Monday, May 16, 2010, I want to implement a Relay for my scooter horn, so it can produce sound quality on it maximum performance.

First thing to do is prepare the tools needed to implementing the relay.
  • 1 pcs 4 leg relay
  • 1 pcs relay socket
  • 3 pcs male terminal
  • 6 pcs female terminal
  • 2 pcs rubber seal terminal
  • 1 pcs round terminal
  • 1 pcs 10A fuse
  • 1 pcs fuse socket
  • Cable with 1.5mm diameter cooper width
The fuse that I choose is 10 amp, because the battery in my scooter was 8 amp.

Here is the diagram for the horn relay:
Get to work.
  • Make 3 pcs cable @15cm length
  • Connect each cable on one side with female terminal
  • Connect each of the fuse cable with female terminal and give one of the cable with the rubber seal
  • Plug it the 3 cable and one of the fuse cable into the socket relay
  • Connect the 86 relay cable feet with male terminal
  • Release the socket from the horn colored with light green and then connect it with the 86 relay cable
  • Connect the 87 relay cable feet with female terminal and give a rubber seal and then plug it to the horn
  • Connect the 85 relay cable feet with a male terminal and then connect it to the horn ground
  • Make 1 pcs cable 1.5m length
  • Connect the cable with round terminal and male terminal
  • Connect the male terminal with the fuse cable and the round to the positive battery
  • Plug the relay onto the socket
Done. Lets test the sound.

I push the switch button and I get shocked. Wow, it louder than before...

Damn good indeed!!! No need to buy a louder one.