Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Demon Eye - Failed Project

Saturday, January 17, 2009, I started to begin my Lightning Project again, signed with the Project L. Now, the braking light system that need to redefined, and make sure that the light doesn't consume electricity to much that pooring all the system.

1st stage of the braking system is called "DEMON EYE".

I bought 2 meter white glow wire with the Inverter for 12V input.

- Cut the output cable from the Inverter about 20cm long, and paint it silver so it will shadow with the brake reflector.

- Connect the inverter input cable onto the night mode light output

I tried to measure the output from the inverter with the Volt Meter. It about 5V, so I assume that this glow wire will work best on a 5V input.

- Stick the glow wire onto the inside section of the red mica with a glue gun.

- Solder the two small wire inside the glow wire with the negatif output of the inverter

- Clean up the middle wire of the glow wire with an abrasif paper so we can see the metal part shining

- Solder the middle wire of the glow wire with the positif output of the inverter

- Place everyting parts together and switch on the night mode light

As you can see the result is not good enough, the reason is the glow wire diameter is to small about 2mm. For best result, I need to change the glow wire to 5mm diameter so it will make the demon eye more eye catching and more elegant. And that is on the next project!