Monday, November 05, 2007

How To Adjusting The Valve Clearance

Saturday, November 3, 2007, I wake up at 6 am, I want to adjust the valve clearance. I need to do this because my scooter power is weaken. Lets prepare the tools needed to do this task.

1. Medium sized screwdriver
2. Medium sized flat-blade screwdriver
3. 10mm socket
4. 16mm spark plug socket
5. 9mm ratchet
6. 3mm hex socket
7. 0.10mm feeler gauge blade

Remember this; valve adjustment should be done in a stone cold engine condition and every 5,000 kilometer.

Oh one thing to remember, this tools is for my scooter. May be in other scooter model, the tools are differ. This is the step to adjusting the valve clearance on my scooter:

1. Open the baggage.
2. Remove the four bolt (two in the lower front, and two in the upper back) with 10mm socket in the baggage, and remove the screw inside the front part baggage.
3. Remove the baggage and remove the front plastic part infront of the baggage that has a hanger.
4. Remove the cylinder head inhalation hose on the top.
5. Remove six bolt that hold the valve cap with a 10mm socket.
6. Loosen the tie screw that hold the hose in the lower section of the cap and remove the hose. Don't forget to keep the cap in a safe, dry and clean place.
7. Remove the spark plug cap and remove the spark plug using the 16mm spark plug socket.

On the left side of the cam, you will see a gear that has 3 holes (1 in the middle is bigger than others).

8. Turn the kick starter until the middle hole of the gear position are horizontally between two rocker arms. This mean we put the condition on TDC (Top Dead Center).

First we adjust the in valve then the ex valve.

9. Put the 9mm ratchet on the rocker arm nut, and the 3mm hex socket on the valve trigger. Turn the ratchet counter clockwise to loosen the nut while holding the hex.
10. Put 0.10mm feeler gauge between the trigger and the valve stems. Turn the hex until the trigger pull the feeler. Don't turn the hex too much, just make sure that the gauge didn't move by the pressure of the trigger.
11. Tighten again the nut with the ratchet while holding the hex. And make sure the trigger didn't turn while we tighten it.
12. Remove the gauge.

Do exactly as the in valve to the ex valve.

After finished, put everything together as it was with a backward procedure as we open it.