Monday, July 21, 2008


Saturday, July 19, 2008, at 10:35AM, I start to migrating my scooter lighting system from AC system into DC system. Because Luxeon need a DC System from 10V-15V. If this is not fulfill, then the Luxeon will damage in a short term.

It takes about 1 hour to migrating the whole system. Checking the cabling with Ohm Meter to figure out which one is the DC. After I found the cable, I attach the cable that connect to the lighting system onto the DC socket cable.

Finished with that, I turn on my scooter without ignited the engine and move the light switch on. Horay, my scooter had successfuly migrating to the DC system.

This is the picture of my scooter after migrating to the DC system taken at 04.00PM

At 04:05PM, I loosen the screw that hold the mica and remove it. Now I can see the bulb. The original bulb was 3.4W triple, so the total is 3.4W * 3 = 10.2W

I only have 2 pieces Luxeon @1W. Now the total is (1W * 2) + 3.4W = 5.4W

As you can see, I can save 4.8 Wattage if I use this Luxeon. And if all of the lamp is Luxeon, I can save 7.2W. This will help the battery from light consuming.

Here is the picture after I change the light with Luxeon taken at 05:30PM

Next project is, I want to change the last bulb and the speed indicator bulb with Luxeon. My speed indicator uses 2 bulb 3.4W too, if I change whole of it, the total Wattage before migrating to Luxeon is 3.4W * 5 = 17W. And after migrating to Luxeon is 1W * 5 = 5W ONLY!!!

I can save 12W!

1W Luxeon produce about 120 lumens, the minimum standard for headlight is 900 lumens. So if I want to use this Luxeon for my headlight, I need 900/120 = 7.2 pieces.