Thursday, October 18, 2007

2000 Kilometer with Amsoil

Thursday, October 18, 2007, my scooter has reach it first 2000 kilometer with Amsoil.

Lets check the whole system:
1. Spark plug
Last time I clean the spark plug about 3500 kilometer ago, so the spark plug should be very dirty right now. My last motorcycle, every 2000 km I should clean it up, because in that period there is some deposit on the top of the electrode and it thick enough.
First, remove the four bolt and one screw that hold the bagage, and remove the bagage. Second, remove the front side plastic panel. Third, remove the spark plug cap. Fourth, using 16mm spark plug tool to remove the spark plug.
After the spark plug has been removed, I check it. Wow, this is amazing, my spark plug is very clean. I don't have to clean it up, I just setup the electrode gap again about 0.6mm and set everything up.

2. Oil level
I open the dip stick and check the oil level. I can see that the weight loss was very little and I can accept that as a tolerance.

3. Oil condition
I deeply see the oil color. The oil color isn't dark, but gold with a little bit of dark. I touch the oil and feel it in my finger, is it slick enough. Yup, it is still slick enough. I don't know what happen to this oil, is it my engine is clean enough so that the oil hasn't changed it color? Or something else that I do not know?

4. Torque and Power
If the oil had degradate, than the torque and power will get down too. But I sense there is no power loss at all, but opposite of it; the power and torque is increased.

5. Engine noise
The engine noise is very low indeed, just like when I changed the oil with it. Even this brand new engine will not campared to my engine noise. My wife said that she can not hear the engine sound when I run about 60kmh on a empty traffic on night.

Remember, I didn't change my scooter setting, I only change the oil.

With this oil, I can longer the drain interval and the spark plug life too. And the most amazing is, I can save some gas, about 2-4 kilometer each liter.