Monday, January 11, 2010

A New Beginning

2009 had passed, it is time to look forward. I know it's kinda late to write this. But it is better late than never, right?

Let see, what have I done on the past...
- Demon Eye
- H4 Headlight
- Migrate to full DC System

Very little indeed. But I'm pretty satisfied with that project, 'cause I can complete that project with lack of time.

Almost forgot; last year I has 2 accident that broke some of my scooter parts. Some can not be fix or replace, and some can. That is because I had trouble to get the parts here, the factory has been stop and shutdown for sure.

So, what next?

Hmmm, don't know for sure... Let me think for a while...

Got it!!!

  • First, I want to fix my scooter engine.

    The oil is always running out and unpleasant smell from the exhaust.
    I already check the piston, nothing problem with that. I found the problem on the oil valve seal; and I already replace it with the new one. But it didn't solve the problem. Maybe the oil valve seal isn't in a good shape when I buy it, or maybe something else. Don't know.

  • Second, I want to open Detailing Workshop

    This is always my dream, I had to fulfill this dream no matter what. One by one, I buy the polishing product and also the polishing machine.
    And I carefully select the product on each level, so I can get the best product on each level. Hope this will keep my customer satisfaction later on when it open.

  • Third, I want to buy a car

    This is the hardest. Because buying a car is not as simple as it look for someone like me. You know why? This is the bad side of me; if I want to buy something, then I will make thorough research and carefully select the product. I don't care about the brand image, as long as it give the best overall value to me, then I will pick it.

It's quite challenging for me. This will take up a lot of my energy and also spent a lot of the budget that I ever imagined.