Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pirelli SL-38 Unico

Monday, February 16, 2009, my scooter tyre arrived, that is Pirelli SL-38 UNICO 110/80-10 sized for my rear wheel.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 11.00 AM, I change my rear Pirelli SL-26 with Pirelli SL-38 UNICO. It take about 20 minute to replace the tyre.

The thread is design for a wet surface, but not limited on a dry surface.

Let's try it on a real road condition.

Turn on my scooter and run it about 40kmh on a dry road condition. Wow, my scooter is very stable, I don't sense any wrong movement on the rear when I tried to move in and out so sudden. Even when push hard my scooter on high speed and high acceleration, I can control my scooter easily.

What about on a wet condition?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009, the road is wet after the rain fall not to heavy. The rain is stop, time to test the tyre. I choose time after the rain stop, because it's the time when water is not moving and will cause the aqua planning on the tyre.

Run my scooter as usual, speed 40, 60 and 80kmh, and run a slalom. The tyre keep my scooter stay onto the ground, this is good, When I hit the brake, my scooter is stop correctly, only a small amount unnecessary movement. But ordinary rider won't feel it either.

My opinion is: This is tyre is impressive!!!

Safety Shoe

Saturday, February 14, 2009, I ride with my wife to the shoe store, I need to buy a new safety shoe to replace mine that almost broken.

After look around a bit, my eyes stop on one shoe.

That is Kings Safety Shoes. This shoe meet on my standar criteria, that is:
- Waterproof
- High enough if I use on a rain, that water can't get inside from the top if I wear a rain coat
- Has a steel cap, that protect my finger

The store gave me a discount, about 25%. Great, this will save my money from a high expense.

OK, here it is. The shoe is King Safety Shoes KWD805X

Kings made this shoe with a high standard, like:
- Oil resistant Sole
- Antistatic, etc

The look of this shoe (or may be a boot) just like a hard work shoe. But don't mind with that, as long as my feet is safe, I don't care about it.

"No Steel Midsole" mean this shoe doesn't have a steel protector on the bottom of the sole.

First impression of this shoe is, "Its heavy and kinda difficult to walk". Same impression when first I wear my old shoe, may be after couple of day, I will get use to it.

Lets try on my scooter.

Run the scooter slowly and step the shoe onto the deck. HEY!!! It's weird, no it's very soft and a little bit bouncy when I first put my feet on the deck.

I love this shoe sole but I don't like the weight.

Friday, February 13, 2009

H4 Headlight

Last January 2009, the reflector H4 for my scooter is arrived, I look at it, and found some differences with the stock. The position of the bracket reflector is differ, so I must make some changes on it.

I go the modification house to make the changes based on my order.

After waiting about two week, finally it finished yesterday on Thursday, February 12, 2009. I plug the part on my scooter.


Now I look for the lamp. I choose Osram Nightbreaker H4 60/55 W This is performance halogen lamp +90, that is the best halogen lamp right now.

Inside of the package:

There is a blue coat that osram claim that this coat make the lamp become less glare for the driver. That make this lamp is safer to eye strain.

Lets try on my scooter. First I plug the lamp onto the reflector and tighten the lamp onto the reflector. Plug the socket wire to the lamp.

Now get ready for the action. I am very nervous about it. I pull my scooter right on the middle of the street right in front of my house about 12pm.

This is the result; before that, I am really sorry if the picture isn't good enough, because it late, and my eyes is heavy too.

This is the street condition before I turn on my scooter headlight:

Now I turn my scooter on, and see the result on low RPM about 1800 RPM

And now, the last is on more than 3000 RPM or the maximum condition of the light:

As you can see, the spot light is wider and long enough, so I can see the road condition better than before. I really loved it.