Friday, January 12, 2007

2007 Resolution

2007 is just begin. But there is so much memory in the past that I can not forget:
- Added new friend and of course best friend, that year I'm so excited that they are so good and nice to me. I can not mention it, because there are so many. Thank you all of you my Kymco friend.
- So much things to learned from what I've done in the job and from my friends.
- So much scooter experimental that takes my money a lot, but I'm so satisfied that it aim to the right path.
- Forcing my body until its limit that causing disaster.
- New Job.
- House for my future.

This Year of 2007, there are so many that I would like to reach

- New book of journey:

This year will be the first year in my whole life, that the book of journey will be written not only by me, but there will two ink scratch in the book. Can't wait 'til the day come.

- New Scooter Tecno GT 150

This year we want a bigger scooter to cruising the town. We had satisfied with this Green Free EX. But we think that we would like to buy another one that bigger than this. It seem that Techno GT 150 would meet our criteria, but with note that this scooter will launch in Indonesia.

- Building my house

I've buy a new house for my future plan. This year, this house must be reform into the new look. I have made the scratch in my mind about the design (interior and exterior), hope it would look great. I just draw it in the paper and give it to the contractor.

- March 17-18th, Yogyakarta Touring

In March, there will be Yogyakarta Touring. This time it will be very big, Yogyakarta will be full with Kymco. I don't know the agenda detail, but I can imagine that it will be great and so much fun. I must prepare Green as soon as possible so it would be ready when the day has come.

- Activating Jakarta-Yogyakarta Mediavisi

After discussing with my friend, we agree that Mediavisi will be active again after a long dormant. I contact my friend from Jakarta and Yogyakarta about their comment and they are so welcome about this.

I think this is the best resolution at 2007.