Thursday, November 08, 2007

Installing Rear Backrest

Wednesday, November 7, 2007, I got a package, white box, not too big. I know what is inside of the box is. It kymco original accessories rear back rest for G3. I order it not so long ago.

I want to put the rear backrest for my scooter because my wife always complaining about the comfortness of this scooter. She said that this scooter seat and foot rest make her can not stay in a long period of time, differ from the other one.

At 5 am, I prepare 12mm socket to install this parts. I'm sorry that the image here taken after the parts had installed.

1. Open the baggage and remove 2 bolt that hold the rear bar.

2. Put the brackets on the bar and tighten it with the bolts
3. Put the backrest on top of the brackets and tighten it with the nuts

Job done. I'm pretty satisfied for the result.

From front, it will look like this:

Rear view:

And last from the side view:

Nice isn't it.