Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jogja Touring - Bandung 1st Destination

Friday, March 16, 2007, Me and my wife packing some stuff before we go out for touring to Yogyakarta. We choose Friday 07.00pm, because it's the most suitable time for us. First, we don't have to take leave permission and we can get more rest time.

Before that, I'm discuss with my friend, especially with Mocky. We discuss about several time for starting time. Our first destination is Bandung, after that we go to Jogja. After a long discussion, we pick a different time. He pick Friday morning, while I pick Friday night.

After office hour has ended, I go to my wife office to pick her and meet my other friend at some point. After I arrived at the meet point, Pram was there already. After a while, I saw Rangga and Bayu arrived. We discuss so much thing. But on the outside it is getting rain, I'm so worried about this. Because it will disturb our trip to Bandung. When I look at the outside, Cucu has arrived. Now it's complete. After praying for our trip to Bandung, we get hurry to our 2nd meet point to meet other friends. And catch our schedule time if we don't want get late on the road.

At the 2nd meet point, we only found Bene in there! Where is Lukman? 1 hour wasted just waiting him.

Now, we are ready for our first journey.

Lukman leads, and the others follow him. Our route is thru Jonggol. It hard trip indeed, because we pass it on the night. While the road condition is not good enough, lot of hole everywhere. And the road are wet either.

One thing is very riskying is the braking light of SR and LX are very bright, and that my eyes can not see the road clearly if they push the brake handle. Suddenly the is a big hole in front of me. Oh no... I'm gonna crash this time, because I can not avoid if this close. Fortunatelly, I can hold my scooter. If not, noth of us will fall down into the hole. I saw my wife almost fall down, but she hold on very tight to me, so she won't fall if I'm not. Thank God.

Second thing that very dangerous is, don't make a slalom move while you are on the touring group. You will make rider on your back confused.

After taking a deep breath, we continue our trip.

When we almost reach Bandung, suddenly our friends rear tire get trouble. Someone contact Dutamatic to get help bring some spare tire. Very long long wait, just to finished changing the tire. It takes about 3 hour to finished it.

Now, we must get hurry to Bandung get rest as much as we can. So, we open the throttle as fast as we can. I look at the speedometer, it reach 95kmh! Amazing! Riding a 100cc scooter in tandem, can reached that speed. Wow, it's a damn crazy. I look at the throttle, I think I can get faster than this, but my wife pull out my jacket. I know this sign, she want me to slow down. Oh ok, I will, I will be steady on this speed.

Finally we arrive on Bandung. But wait something wrong with our group, Bene is missing. Where is he? We open our eyes and look for him. We ride slowly, just because we don't want to loose him. It's not funny if he is missing on Bandung. On the branch of road (I don't know the name), we stop and wait, maybe he is on our back. Waiting with nervous for him. Suddenly Dutamatic friends that help bring and changing spare tire arrive with Bene. We are so glad that he is not missing. We split our group. Me, my wife and Bene follow Lukman into his house for taking a rest before we continue our trip to Jogja.

We have only about 1 hour left to rest. We must use it wisely. Me and my wife taking a rest on the sofa, while Bene rest on the carpet with a pillow. This is not a good sleep I think, but the time forced us to get prepare for other trip.

At 05.00am, we prepare our selves to the Dutamatic. Now this is the real journey begin. Wait and see, what will happen on our next trip.


  1. Ngonah:ceritanya tolong di lanjutin lagi bro :)

  2. stuju. ayo lanjud cerita ne :D