Monday, November 26, 2007

Changing The Brake Fluid

Saturday, November 24, 2007, at 2.30 AM, I want to change the brake fluid. Because it already reach 10,000 km and it is time according to the factory default.

This is the tools that I need for this job:

1. Waste container
2. 4mm clear pipe
3. Scissor
4. Wire Brush
5. 12mm socket
6. Medium sized screwdriver
7. 14mm ratchet
9. 8mm ratchet
10. 5mm hex socket

First, remove 5 screw that hold the rear cover handle bar and 1 screw in the front cover. Split the front and the rear plastic cover by slide the clip inside the rear top cover and pull the rear cover (NOT THE FRONT!!!). Now I can see there is 2 screw inside that unite the front cover with the handle bar.

Remove the screw with the screwdriver and the mirror too with 14mm ratchet. Don't forget to remove the mirror driver with 14mm ratchet.

Open the fluid reservoir cap with screwdriver.

On the disc brake caliper, put the 8mm ratchet on the fluid drainage nut and the pipe on top of it. On the end of the pipe, put the waste container and cut the pipe with the proper length with scissor.

Loosen the drainage nut. Pull the handle brake again and again. Make sure that the fluid is empty and tighten the drainage nut.
"Remember, the brake fluid is very abrasive!!! You must clean the fluid as fast as you can if it contacting the paint surfaces."

Lets clean the brake pad. Open the two nut that holding the caliper that stick with the absorber using 12mm socket. Using 5mm hex, remove the bolt that hold the pad. Remove the pad and clean it with wire brush. After that, put the pad and the caliper as it was.

Fill the reservoir with a brand new brake fluid. I prefer DOT-3, because it softer than DOT-4 when I pull the handle brake. Pull the handle brake again and again while make sure that the reservoir is fill with the brake fluid. This process is to make the fluid reaching the caliper and presses the air outside of the reservoir. Do it until you are sure that there is no air inside the hose.
This air is extremely dangerous if there is, because when the caliper work, it produce heat and this heat distributed to the fluid. If this continue occur, then the fluid can boil. Hot air can force the fluid can not push the caliper piston when you pull the handle brake.

After there is no bubble come out inside the reservoir. Change the clear pipe on top of the caliper with the clean one. Pull and hold the handle brake, then loosen and tighten the drain nut with 8mm ratchet as fast as possible. This step will make sure that we thow useless air that trap inside the hose. See the clear pipe, if there is only fluid, then it done.

Put everything together, and I'm ready to roll out.