Monday, February 12, 2007

Finally I Can Reach The Workshop

Saturday, February 10, 2007, I tried to brought my scooter to the workshop again. I hope this time will be successful. If not, then I am very in deep sorrow. Two weeks of nothing.

I contact Father in law, borrow his office box car. After the car arrive, I look for the key. But when I look and see it, something weird had happen to the key. IT BENT !!!

I tried to aligned it, but the key became broken into a two pieces. Woaaa, what should I do? Another a hard job. First is, pull out the scooter out of the garage without moving the steer. And second is lifting the scooter into the car.

Phew, finally finished. Now lets get move on to the workshop. The road that we pick is fine, only some spot that is a little damaged. But it's alright for me, as long as I can reach the workshop.

After arrived to the workshop, I greet my friend as a mechanic in there. I told him about my scooter condition, and he is so welcome as usual. He write all of my scooter problem and he will check it later, he said. After signing some paper, I go back to home.

At 01.30 pm he contact me, he said that the parts will arrive on Friday. Ok fine, no problem with that. As long as my scooter is fixed. Thank you so much my friend, you're the best.