Monday, May 14, 2007

New Shock Absorber

Friday, May 11, 2007, I received a rear shock absorber from my friend. He gave it for me, because he didn't like it. He said it is like riding on a rock. This shock absorber is a stock version for Kymco Free Series type LX.

I look forward to it size. Hem, it diameter bigger 10mm than mine (EX). I measure the gap between my rear tire and the spring, it 3mm. Ups, with this such a close gap, I can not put the absorber into it. I must figure it how to plug it without some modification. Some of my friend added a ring to the axis. It is very risky, my life depend on it.

Oh I know, I got the idea, lets measure my front tire size. I am using 90/90-10 on the front and 100/90-10 on the rear. Front tire wide is 93mm and the rear is 101mm.

If I swap the tire, the gap will be bigger than before:
103mm - 97mm = 6mm

The new gap was: 6mm + 3mm = 9mm

Now I can plug the shock absorber into my scooter. Shock diameter difference is 10mm (5mm to the right and 5mm to the left), so with the new absorber the gap between my tire would be: 9mm - 5mm = 4mm.

OK, its time for the implementation. I said to the mechanic to do as I said.
1. Swap the tire
2. Unplug my stock absorber
3. Plug LX shock absorber


After finishing some paper. I turn on my scooter engine and start to ride. First impression is, my scooter is higher than before. I think its too higher. This LX shock absorber has 2cm lengthen than my scooter stock. The handling become a little hard. Because it differ now, the center of gravity of my scooter has move forward to the front. So I must change my riding style to handle my own scooter.

Lets test it on the real road condition.

I run my scooter to my home at Tangerang City. The path I choose has many type of road condition. It has a smooth and bumpy. Something strange I feel when I ride my scooter, I feel that I'm floating. I never feel such a thing like this when I ride my scooter.

Test on a smooth asphalt was great, the traction is bigger than the stock. When I cross the railway track, I test the rebound. The result is a little hard than my stock. But this absorber haven't reach it limit, so it can move to absorb the vibration. Not like my stock that has been reach it limit. My stock is more softer, but when I pass the railway track, it feel very hard, because the absorber axis has reach it limit and it hit the border.

Sunday, May 13, 2007, I test with my wife, how is the rebound if we ride on tandem. We run along the street and find a perfect place to test this shock absorber. The path only 10m length, but it very bumpy alright. I past it just as usual when I past this path. The rebound is very good when on tandem, not too soft, and not too hard. I like it very much.

I think I'm gonna love this shock absorber.