Friday, October 06, 2006

Preparation to Bandung

October 05, 2006 I contact Ryan asking for help to book a hotel for me on Bandung. And he pleased to help me. He told me to wait a minute, and then he contact me again. He said "yes, I've book the hotel and make a reservation, And I paid the bill too". I talk to him, that I would substitute his money for the next wage.

Wow, I have such a great friend. He is the best friend I ever have, I am soo grateful about what he has done to me. I said in my heart that I must help him when he need me a favor next time. I must!

Now I must make some preparation for going to Bandung. First thing that I must do is make my body healtier, because my noose got some ache, feel not comfort alright. And of course make some plan to what we must do on Bandung.