Monday, October 09, 2006

Meet at Kymco Mangga Dua

Saturday, October 7, 2006, I go to Kymco Mangga Dua to meet my friend cause he ask me to come there. It's a perfect time I think, well, may be not a very perfect either, because I have to pick my honey at the airport. And the opposite is I can meet my best friend.

After I arrive at Mangga Dua, I meet Tok, Opa Albert, Ryan and of course Stefanus the owner of Kymco Mangga Dua. Opa, Ryan and Stefanus has big conversation between them. So I walk to Tok and simply open some discussion about scooter in Indonesia.

I admired him, cause he also open mind like our. We talk so much thing about many brand of two wheels. We talk about the superior or weakness of it. I think we has some equal that both of us like to observe about development of two wheels.

He ask me so much thing about Kymco, I explain him about so many type that Kymco sell in Indonesia. He is very interested in Easy JR 100. Yes, JR is great I said, it power is about 8,6PS/7500RPM same like other brand that use 125cc. You can get 100cc engine that has power like 125cc, isn't that great?

He loved JR handling, riding position, baggage and odometer. Unfortunately JR use 10" on it wheels, so the ground clearance is so low. I said that JR based engine is not like Free series, JR has so much power on it engine. Even Free LX that has 111cc engine can be catch by JR. I don't know the secret on JR, because I don't have the opportunity to take apart on JR engine.

He loved Kymco steering that has so much low on vibration, he said that two wheels should be like this.

After a long discussion, we conclude that two wheels production in Indonesia is best at 95's and below, and after that there is some descent in quality.

He talk to me that he admired Kymco community in Indonesia, he said that this community is fast in cooling down after some hard debating. Welcome to our cummunity Tok.