Thursday, October 05, 2006

12 inch alloy wheels

Right now Kymco scooter owner especially Free Ex, discuss about the application of 12 inch alloy wheels on their own scooter.

According to the other version of this scooter on other country version, it is ok if you trade the 10 inch with thoose 12 inch. But another problem comes, where can we get thoose 12 inch alloy wheel.
I've allready emailed Kymco UK about purchasing only the alloy wheel, but until today they don't reply me. I've emailed Kymco Indonesia too, but it seem that their email didn't active anymore. There is one website that sell alloy wheel for Kymco: TrickTape Motorsports, but they don't sell it to Indonesia.

There is a debate between Indonesia Kymco owner, about the application of 12 inch alloy wheel. Some say that it won't fit, because with 10 inch, the tire is very close to the engine. But others say that there is some gap that it would be fit. But the fact is, no one ever try it with their scooter because no one have that 12 inch alloy wheel, neither do I.

The rumor is, Kymco Indonesia will sell 12 inch version, but somehow we do not know when they will launch that scooter.