Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gear Lubricant

Sept 6-7, 2006, Ryan and I discuss about what best gear lubricant for our scooter. We talk and compare about some brands which is we think it is a good quality brand.

We limit our discuss for synthetic gear oil only and the grade is 90. After a long discussion, we select grade 75W-90 synthetic gear oil is the best suit for our scooter. However I'm starting to confuse about the specification of some oil that we choose. There is a "cSt", what is this keyword meaning? Don't know much about this, so I look for it on the internet and I've got this.

cSt = centistokes

It amusing alright. I assume it explain about viscosity of the oil on several degree of engine temperature, usually on 40 and 100 degree celcius.

There is some brand that we choose, like Mobil, Maxima and Redline. Ryan already use Mobil, and he decide to try Redline. Me? I don't know which one, because all of thoose product are a good quality.

My answer is, I have to go to the oil shop and see which one is in stock. Ridiculous isn't it. But the fact is, thoose product may be not sell in my country (just my 2 cent). But hey, what about if all of those product are in stock? OK, I pick Mobil and then Redline and for the last is Maxima.

Price? Don't care about the price, as long as my scooter is in a perfect shape.

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