Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Intake Manifold

After a long wait, finaly my intake manifold that I order from the workshop has arrived. I took my scooter and went to the workshop to get those stuff and go home again.

Now I'm home, can't wait to try my new toy.

I pull out my scooter into garage, and took my tools. Now I'm ready for the experiment. The new intake has about 2cm shorther than my original. I detached the seat from the compartment, and loosen the nuts. And I replace the original with new new one. After finished, it's time to try it in the real road.

I turn on my scooter, I try to run about 20kmh. "What happen to my scooter? Is this really my scooter?", thats the word come out after I try it. Because the acceleration so different. Used to be about 1-2 second before my scooter move, now there no more. Feel like I don't wanna stop, the torque is so amazing.

I try to run it hard. I get shock, my scooter is so powerfull right now. I don't test it with GPS, because I don't have any. But I'm feeling so comfort with my scooter now.

My next target is tuning the CVT.