Thursday, October 05, 2006

Kymco Parts

Finally the scooter part that i've ordered arrive.

My friend told me that I must meet him at some place to give that part to me, and then we agree to meet some where at the corner of the city. Can't wait 'till the day, I can not sleep thinking about which part that arrive.

Then the day is coming, I turn my scooter on and go to the place that we agree to meet.

After meet, we discuss so much thing about our scooter progress. We trade some idea that we think is cool for our scooter. And back to the business, he show me the part that he promise to bring it to me. I open the seal and deep look into the part. I know something is missing. I order air filter box assy and intake manifold, but there is only filter box assy in there and where does it intake manifold goes? I ask him about that part, and he told me that factory will sell together with the carburetor. I'm very dissapoint to the factory, because they are very slow to sell some part for users. It seem that something is not correct in their parts distribution, or something that issue them to not come out the parts. I don't know the answer yet.

How do I must plug the assy without the intake manifold? Cause the new part is very short than the old one. So it wouldn't fit in my scooter. Or I must wait again before the part come out.

The modification that I wish to do is making some cut out to the gasoline distribution before enter into the engine. If this is succeded, then my scooter accelaration will get higher than before. I need this to pass the heavy traffic easyly.