Thursday, October 05, 2006

I hate those Bike

Last day May 17, 2006 on 17:20pm I came out from my office. I turn my scooter out from the parking line. I really enjoy the street that day, because the street has less crowded than before. Than I try to give more speed on my scooter until 60kph. Wow , I really enjoy it riding with my scooter when the street is like this all the time, but this is rarely happen. So I just stick and enjoy it while I can.

But at the under the bridge that cross Rasuna Said, I stuck. FInally I have to slow down my scooter and walk slowly with other motorcycle.

Than the dissaster is happen. When I go along with other motorcycle, suddenly a motorcycle just hit my scooter so hard. I'm so angry because of this. And that make my scooter fender is broken. Why he can not just ride slowly like other motorcycle or hit the brake at the time before he hit my scooter. Feel like I'm gonna punch that man! But I can't...

'Cause I have to hurry to pick up my honey. So I just leave him and get my scooter out of the crowd. Now I have to prepare some money to buy a new fender.

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