Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Roller

Finally I bought a new set of Roller for my Kymco Scooter. The roller weight was 11gr, heavier than before that just 10gr. According to some website, the more weight of the roller, the more acceleration you got.

So I test the roller after I set it in my scooter. After come out from the kymco workshop, I turn my scooter into the street. First I test it to run about 40kmh. Feel so heavy to reach the 40kmh, but the RPM so low different than before. I think this will decrease my scooter gasoline consumption, because to run at the average speed, it will need lower RPM.

After satisfied at 40kmh, I try to run about 60kmh. The feel like at the 40kmh, the RPM is still low. May be because the way I ride the scooter is different from other people. I ride slowly and let the RPM increase slowly.

At night about 21:15pm, I try my scooter again. Now with different riding style. I try to turn my scooter faster than before. I run my scooter at 40-60kmh. After a while I meet 2 biker that ride Honda so fast. So I want to try my roller weight to chase them.

The gap between us is about 200m when I try to chase them. When I turn my scooter hardly, the power is so soft but the RPM is increasing fastly. Unbelievable! That two biker, got chase in about a few second and I leave them behind in a far distant.

That was a amazing. My heart beat so fast when I past them, this is great sensation that I don't feel in a long time.