Thursday, October 05, 2006

Get Ready To Buy My New Kymco

We (me and my love) agree and decide to buy a new motorcycle.

And we decide to buy Free Ex, but another problem is when?
After a long conversation, we decide to buy 2-3 weeks before Ramadhan. Why? Because usually dealer have some promotion for the customer to attrack customer to buy their product.

Can't wait till that day. No more back hurt, or tired of riding, it will be fun. Cause riding a motorcycle should be fun, that my new paradigm of riding a motorcycle.
Why should I buy an expensive motorcycle, just to hurting my back or make my arm and whole my body tired. It's a long way go to my office, it spend an hour may be more. It's time to make some change, I don't care what people said about this motorcycle.

Ride with pride