Monday, October 30, 2006

Heavy Duty Oil

Saturday, October 21th, 2006, I change my scooter engine oil with heavy duty oil (diesel oil). Last time I used motorcycle oil SAE 15W-50 API SG, now I used heavy duty oil SAE 15W-40 API CI-4.

My first impression about this oil is, my scooter noise become more silently. Don't know why is this could be happen? Can't wait 'til next test, and I prepare some point to test about this oil performance.

First is the vibration. I test my scooter to run about 20-40kmh, because this is the best speed range for testing a vibration. Hemm..., my scooter become very very low vibration, better than before. Even I know, that my scooter is low vibration, but with this oil, the vibration is lower than before. Amazing!

Second test is acceleration. I stop my scooter and try to run from 0 to 20kmh. Wow, the acceleration is better than before, it seem's that this oil work better than a motorcycle oil. I open throttle widely again and see what will happen with the power, I can feel the power has become extremely higher than before. No loosen power from low to top end. Feel that I would go faster and more faster with my scooter, I don't wanna stop riding my scooter.

Thursday, October 26th, 2006, I test my scooter against Z's that using racing muffler. Remember that my scooter are only 100cc and my rival using 115cc. I catch up him, and open a match. Hehehe, crazy match isn't it? How can 100cc win against 115cc that using racing muffler. But the fact say different! My scooter win against Z.

Enough with the test, and I run slowly to my garage and stop my scooter. I hug it deeply, I'm very proud for you!