Thursday, October 05, 2006

Brand New Motorcycle

Tired of using my motorcycle....

I need a brand new motorcycle, that drive with relax and feel free. I'm sorry my motorcycle,may be next month you will rest forever or I just sell it to someone else.
According to goverment rule, oil price will increase on October 1, 2005, and loan too. I think this the time to buy my new motorcycle.
I've already survey a lot of Japanese brand, including Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki and Suzuki. But I'm fall in love with something else beside Japanese cycle, and that is Kymco Free Ex. I think she is cute, I know this is just my opinion. May be other people doesn't agree with me, but no problemo. I have a right to tell my opinion.
Free Ex, that is the name. Why I choose this motorcycle? A lot of my friend as me "why do you pick that cycle, the aftersales is not good like japanese man". Yeah I know that, but that just because people paradigm.
Kymco is Honda partner on 1964, they build Honda engine. With the flow of time, they decide to build their own brand, and they call it Kymco. And thats why I confidence to buy this motorcycle. The quality is good, Last thing I know, kymco market share in US is one of the biggest in 250cc below.
The part that I love about this motorcycle is, she has a huge baggage that my full face hetmet will fit in it, not like other that only fit a half face helmet. I would not going to risk my life just for that.
Oh, why I'm writing this.... Never mind, I will buy this motorcycle or scooter exactly.

Bravo Kymco