Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Concept of Kymco Club

Today, May 9, 2006 my kymco friend ask me join Kymco Club. I said, I already join Kymco Club. But he said this club is different. I'm so curious about what he said, and he send me an email the detail of this Club.

The concept was making a "Drag scooter and modification Club of Kymco". I said, wow this is brand new concept after so much tiredness of so many Club in Indonesia that only have touring program.

I am so excited about this, because the Kymco dealer will full support for this club. The founder of this club is the manager of the dealer.

But I think I'm not ready (yet) to join this club, because I have to buy some parts to modificate my scooter. And it's not a cheap parts.

Now my concern is prepare some fund to get marry *laugh*. And that is my first priority now, except if somebody would become my sponsor to modify my scooter (only my dream).