Friday, October 20, 2006

New Springs Set

Friday, October 13th, 2006. My springs order has arrived. According to George Szappanos article at the about clutch, I'm going to tune my clutch. I am focusing on the acceleration.

So, I want my clutch engage faster than before. George said that I must plug a lighter set of clutch springs. I plug a 1000RPM clutch springs into my clutch. And hope that this modification will make my clutch engage faster.

Also, It seem that my rear torque-driver spring is not hard enough. Why I said that, because when I tried to run my scooter at 60kmh and go down to 40kmh, and try to accelerate again, I felt that my scooter has loosen some power. So I plug a 1500RPM torque driver spring.

Now It's time to test all the thing that I have done. First thing that I want to test is my clutch springs, so I turn on and run my scooter. The first impression is, "wow is this my scooter or what?". I feel that my scooter has moving faster than before from 0kmh. George, you are absolutely right about this clutch spring. Now I can be more relax on passing a heavy traffic, I don't need a higher RPM to moving my scooter.

Second test is acceleration at the medium speed. So I run my scooter at 60kmh and go down to 40kmh, after that I open the throtle again to speed up my scooter. "This is what I want from my scooter", I said. Because, now the acceleration is good enough to bring it at the 60kmh again.

The last test is, I run my scooter hardly to reach 60kmh from 0kmh. I open the throtle this time hardly. "Wooaaa, my scooter power is amazing, I can feel that my body has pushed back". My heart beat become faster, and I can pass other vehicle easyly. It's different scooter right now.

I am very satisfied about what changes I have made to my scooter. I think I'm gonna love my scooter better than before.