Monday, December 18, 2006

2nd Accident

Saturday, December 16th, 2006. Green EX got an accident again. Exactly before one of my biggest day in a whole life. It cession day between our family. First one is one day after the propose.

I think Father want to admonition me about a things. I keep thinking, what does He want from me. But I'm very grateful that He still love me. The proof is, I'm alright, just bruised on some parts of my leg. But Green is so bad, front parts is hardly damaged and broken.

But this is all my fault. I'm pushing my body too hard, that it can not hold up anymore. To few time to get rest and relax. Cause I must prepare all for the day on the next month. I think this is the peak time that Father want me to slow down and get back to Him. All of the preparation is almost done right now, 80% I think.

The lesson that I receive from this is, I must take more rest and calm down my mind and my heart. After the incident, I decided not to make my family and my heart to be sad because of my act. So from now on until next month I will take a bus. This is for goodness of my self and for them too. Thank for Your guidance Father, my Lord, my devotion.