Friday, December 08, 2006

2000 RPM Torque Spring

Friday, December 8th, 2006, at 09:00 AM I go to the authorize workshop for servicing my scooter.

As usual, changing the oil with the brand new one, tune some parts, and cleaning it. But this time, I want to test my new toy. Yup, it's 2000 RPM Torque Spring. First, my mechanic open he CVT cover and plug my new toy into the Driven Pulley. But when he tried to place the belt into the driven, it won't opened. "The spring is very hard to open", he said. Three men had tried to help him, including the Taiwanese, but it won't budge. Hahaha, I can see from their faces that they will gave up this time. But there is one guy from Factory that told to the mechanic to using a CVT tool for pusing the belt into the driven.

It looks very hard indeed, just pushing the belt into the driven. But it work! Well done, great job man. Big smile in my face.

Jobs done at 11:25 AM.

After finishing the payment, I wear my riding gear and get back into the office.


I seek a good route to test the toy. Route that I pick must include heavy and light traffic.

I turn the key to the ignition position, and turn my scooter on. Leaving the parking line, woaaa it's drizzle. I must get hurry testing my scooter if I don't want to get wet. I open the throttle as usual, but my scooter won't moving. What happen? It become heavy. I open the throttle a little bit more, and now it's moving. Phew.... I was so scared if my scooter won't moving, then I will not get into the office this afternoon.

After a bad experience, I run my scooter slowly this time, because I don't wanna something bad happen to my scooter. But the weather is not supporting. Well, I don't have any other option right? So, I open the throttle a little bit rush. What is this....???? The acceleration are moving faster than before. I can get into 40kmh easily, but I heard the engine become more noisy than before. Reaching 40kmh need a higher RPM. My assumption that this will make gas consumption increasing.

Now I tried to loosen the throttle and let the RPM to drop, after that I open the throttle again. My first impression of this toy is "Great". Yeah, I can get the acceleration power easily.

After that I get stuck in a heavy traffic. It's time to test the second one. "STOP N GO" test. I ride slowly behind other motorcycle. After he start to moving, I followed him. The power is so smooth right now, differ than before. The power very heavy indeed for the first time acceleration. But after that, the power become fiercing.

Last test is on a light traffic. After I get into the main street that has 4 traffic lane. I run my scooter to reaching the top speed. As usual, it fast enough to reach the 40kmh. I tried to run it again to reach 60kmh, yeah it still easy. "Piece of cake", I said. After satisfied, I get currious testing speed over 60kmh. I opened the throttle again. But something weird happen, it so hard to reaching the speed after 60's.

Now the test is over. I will try to get some conclusion based on my test.
Higher Torque Spring is usefull to get acceleration.
Lighter Torque Spring is usefull to get top end.

I think I need a heavier roller weight combination to balance the spring.