Thursday, April 29, 2010

LED Turn Signal Bulb

Tuesday, April 20, 2010, I received a packages from a friend of mine. He told me that it is a LED turn signal bulb and the winker relay as I requested. I really want to upgrade my turn signal bulb into LED system to save the electricity cost.

The stock bulb is 10 Watt a piece, so it will consume 20 Watt (1.67 Amp) if I turn on the light (excluding the winker relay).

Here is the calculation on Amber Superflux LED:
- Voltage: 2.2 V @ 20 mA

So the Wattage is = V.I
That is 2.2 V x 20 mA = 0.044 W

1 bulb contain 15 led, so the total is:
15 x 0.044 W = 0.66 Watt

Total 2 bulb is: 2 x 0.66 Watt = 1.32 Watt (0.11 Amp)

Compare to the stock bulb (20W:1.32W). I'm saving about 1.500% of wattage!!!

Let's prepare:
- 4 pcs LED turn signal
- 1 pcs winker relay
- Socket converter

There are couple of reason why I need a socket converter, and that is:
- The stock socket has 3 pin, and this one is only 2 pin
- The stock pin is straight aligned, and this one not
- The stock pin size is very small about 1/3 of this one

Lets work.
- Remove the front license plate and the bracket
- Remove the front shield
- Remove the rectifier
- Remove the stock winker relay from the bracket
- Remove the socket that attach to the rectifier
- Attach the socket converter onto the stock socket
- Attach the socket converter to the led winker relay
- Remove all of the lens winker
- Replace the stock bulb with the LED bulb

Done, lets test the winker. Ups... it doesn't work... If this happen to you too, then you should switch the cable on the switch converter.

Ok, this should be working correctly right now, if not, then the winker relay is damage or the bulb is dead.

I got nervous about this... Because LED winker replacement kit is not a cheap parts you know, and there are no guarantee for this parts.

OK, I build my courage to turn on the switch...

HORAY.... IT WORK.....!!!

But something is missing. Yeah, it is the sound "tic tac" from the stock relay. This one is silent because it only has 3 pin. The one is missing is the Ground Cable. Ground Cable is needed for the buzzer to produce sound on the stock relay.

Put everything assemble as before and job done.


  1. winker relay, where should i buy it in ciledug, its hard to find it,,

  2. try to search on the auto forum on your country

  3. Well done. I'm going try those tips if that happened to my car.