Monday, February 08, 2010

Polishing Machine: DA & Rotary

Saturday, February 6, 2010, I decided to buy another new Polishing Machine that is Rotary. This machine is not intended to replace my Dual Action (DA) Porter Cable 7424XP machine, but it will compliment and perfecting the polishing result. Err, may be not. The correct sentence should be: The DA machine will perfecting the end result of the Rotary cutting.

I choose DeWalt 849.

This machine called the Yellow Bull, because of it bullet proof and indestructible machine. It can correct paint surface faster than any other machine; and of cource it can damage the paint surface on inexperienced guy.

Now I had Porter Cable 7424XP and DeWalt 849. This two machine is the best machine on it category.

The Rotary should cut better and faster because of it heavy weight and it produce more heat that help cutting process faster. And then at the final result, the DA should do the rest at the Glaze level.

The difference between DA & Rotary is:
- PC-7424XP jiggle and move inconstantly, because this machine designated is to avoid heat that can damage the paint surface on inexperienced guy.
- PC-7424XP is lighter than DW-849 about 1kg.
- PC-7424XP is shorter than DW-849.

Porter Cable 7424XP:

DeWalt 849:

You may notice that there is a small pin on the top of DW-849 machine:

This pin is for locking the spindle thread, so you don't need a wrench to change the Backing Plate.